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Health insurance is one of the budding arenas. It has brought a solution to one of the major problems faced by the people in India. It has offered peace to the minds of Indians by making medical treatment affordable and accessible for them. Medical treatment expense, which is believed to engender financial stress over a family, can now be easily afforded with the help of health or medical insurance products. Thus, these products should be made mandatory for one and all.
There are many perceptions in the minds of the Indian citizens that need to be wiped off to offer them this secured coverage. One such perception that keeps them away from these products is that health insurance is a complicated product. Looking into the gravity of this perception, Apollo Munich has emerged with the aim to ‘Uncomplicate’ health insurance for the people of India. The company identifies health needs of a target segment of people and then designs their product, keeping these health needs in mind.  The adoption of this technique has helped a lot in devising unique products, which are successful enough to bring customers for themselves. 
Working in line of its objective of demystifying health insurance, the company has brought the following health insurance polices for the citizens of India. 
  • Easy Health- It is a pure medical insurance product that is most popular among the people of India. It is available in three variants—Standard, Premium and Exclusive, designed keeping healthcare needs of all sections of society in mind. 
  • Individual Personal Accident plan- This accident health insurance policy works on the principle of benefit. It comes in two variants—Standard and Premium.   A person buying this policy gets coverage for death, disablement and several bodily injuries due to an accident. 
  • Easy Travel- This is the travel insurance policy that is designed to make medical care affordable for the people traveling overseas.  It comes in four variants—Individual, Family, Multi-Trip Plan and Senior Citizens, each of which has sub variants under them. 
  • Maxima -It is a comprehensive plan that offers all round protection, including outpatient coverage and several other unique benefits.
  • Optima Cash- It is a daily cash hospital benefit plan that offers coverage to additional hospitalization expenses. This plan acts as a top-up plan that can be purchased with any pure health insurance policy.
  • Insure Health- This plan is designed for people looking for an easy-to-buy product. It is said to have easiest policy issuing procedure, which keeps an individual away from the related hassles. 
All the above mentioned plans are well designed to offer coverage to people’s health needs.
The company promises people to take the fear out of faces, the jargon out of words, the bitter out of medicines and the trouble out of treatment. 
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