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Health is the most precious of all assets that a human being has in his/her life. Realizing the importance of good health, people are becoming conscious of adopting some sort of physical exercise in their daily routine. Some try to go for morning or evening walks. Some join yoga classes or take part in outdoor games. Whatever way people adopt, it is all done with the single motive of taking care of their health. On the other hand, one should not forget the fact of life, which states that life is full of uncertainties and surprises; some may be good, others, bad.
One such misfortune a person faces in life is an unforeseen event, which may bring health issues to him/her. It may be any sudden mishap, such as an accident. The treatment of these health issues may become the cause of financial stress for a family.  The reason is quite obvious—rising medical costs are not easy to afford. These events have hampered the lifestyle of many Indians. The only tool that can be helpful at this time of is health insurance.
Health insurance ensures that the policy holder is able to seek quality medical treatment when required, without any financial stress. These products can easily be purchased from insurers, who have inundated Indian health insurance market with many different plans and policies. Apollo Munich is one such provider that is well known to offer best products with best services.
It has launched its comprehensive plan, Maxima, that makes medical treatment almost free for the insured. It offers wide coverage to help the insured enjoy life to the fullest. Another of its recently launched products is Optima Cash, a daily cash hospitalization benefit plan. This product is designed to complete the coverage for people buying pure health insurance products. Besides these, there are various other plans that have received much appreciation in the Indian health insurance market. 
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