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There are a lot of insurance policies that give the policy holder complete protection from medical care expenses. But the trouble is that people do not have confidence in insurance companies any longer. A majority of people think that the insurance provider would cheat the customer and not reimburse the money when needed. The widespread notion is that when purchasing the policy, the company would give a broad list of treatments that are covered by the insurance policy, but in actual after a claim is filed the insured individual would not get the reimbursement. The policy holder would be left with a number of reasons as to why the claim would not be accepted.

Although this may be true at times, the fact is that there is a simple way around this problem. Understanding the coverage provided is the best solution for the individual. People should be able to get the needed medical care without any hassles, and this is why the insurance policy is bought in the first place. When buying the policy, it therefore becomes imperative that the plan covers the different kinds of illnesses that the family/individual is likely to face.

Most of the time people do not read the policy and thereafter the coverage is misunderstood. Thereafter when the policy holder files a claim, they inevitably face a problem with the reimbursement of the cost of treatment. When the policy wordings list out the inclusions of the coverage there are many points to be remembered. The most crucial point is that people should remember the kind of healthcare that the family needs. If the family requires inpatient medical care, the policy should provide sufficient coverage for the same. On the other hand, if the person needs OPD check-ups more, outpatient coverage should also be present.

The inclusions generally list out the aspects of treatment that are covered. For example, the Easy Health Plan covers the cost of the room rent, ICU charges, operation theater charges, etc. If there is no list of the illnesses covered, then it is generally applicable for all ailments except those listed in the exclusions section.

Unlike the inclusions section, the exclusions section of most insurance policies clearly states the illnesses and treatments that are not covered by the plan. There may also be certain pre-requisites (number of beds, number of doctors, staff, certification, etc.) of the hospital for cases wherein the ailments are covered or not covered.

Reading the policy wordings is not a very difficult task, but it is a very important step to be able to pick the right plan and use it.

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