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When people go about with their daily lives, they hardly ever have the time to stop and think about the danger of falling prey to numerous illnesses. Even those who protect themselves from all sorts of health troubles by following a perfectly healthy lifestyle are vulnerable to a great deal of difficulties relating to health. While this is a fact, it is also true that people cannot always save sufficient amount of money to cope with the financial demands of the treatment that is looked for. Often people either pick the less beneficial procedure or merely avoid it to steer clear of healthcare expenses. 
Nevertheless, trends have now begun changing and the awareness of mediclaim is spreading fast. Over the years, people have begun to understand the contrast between healthcare costs and health insurance costs. This has lead to widespread investment in mediclaim and has caught the attention of a number of big players in the insurance industry world-over. 
The only trouble now is that while choosing an insurance plan a lot of people simply look at the cost and pick the cheapest one available. But people hardly ever check the policy benefits that are applicable before buying the plan. When a medical problem arises, the person is then unable to use the plan effectively. This is why it is better to first know the coverage in-depth. Inclusions and exclusions of the health insurance policy should be read and understood before buying the plan. Today, people have a wide number of coverage options with health insurance. Every type of plan covers a particular area of the problems that life brings:
  • Accident insurance Policies- These are plans which are primarily focused on unplanned instances that the policy holder might come across in day-to-day life.
  • Travel mediclaim Plans- These plans help the insurance holder while traveling domestically or internationally (as is in the coverage of the plan) from any sort of travel-related crisis.
  • Pure Health Insurance Plans- These are health insurance plans that are designed to give the insured person protection from medical care expenses. 
Regardless of which plan a person selects, they should always read the plan wordings. There is no point in buying travel insurance and then realizing that it does not provide coverage in the country you are traveling to. The same policy may also have a number of variants. The policy wordings and terms and conditions of coverage in each variant might differ, as they do in the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) policies. This is why it is critical to understand the policy. 
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