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When people look for health insurance, they tend to think about different plans based on the different needs of people. But in a family, where the healthcare planning is more or less done in the same manner, each member need not take a separate policy. The whole family can use the same health insurance policy to stay protected from medical costs. The key is to ensure that they are able to pick a policy that covers them well and is able to fit into their pockets with ease. 
When one talks about health insurance, the foremost thought is about the reimbursement of claims. The fact is that there are always terms and conditions that regulate policies. The person buying the plan should be well aware of these before buying the plan. One should remember that the policy should be worth the money for each member to be covered by the plan. 
Since families are of different kinds, and the health problems of each family vary, the health insurance policies suitable to them would also be different. When planning to buy the policy, people should make a list of all the medical problems that the family members have faced in the past. There should also be a list of the different problems that people may face owing to family medical history. One should make it a point to check the policy wordings themselves and ensure that all of these problems are covered (there may be waiting periods for such coverage). 
The family members covered in the policy should ideally be of similar age, and have similar medical condition. The premium of any medical insurance plan is based on the age of the oldest member. So if a family has a choice of adding kids or senior citizens to the plan, it might be a better idea to get the kids covered with their parents. If senior citizens are included in the policy, the premium of the plan would be based on their age, which would effectively make the premium quite high. One can actually check the premium and various age combinations on the Apollo Munich website. 
People often try and fit everyone (including aged parents) into one policy thinking it would be cheaper. Contrary to this, the fact is that if there are two policies taken—one for the kids and their parents, and the other for the grand-parents, it would work out to be cheaper in most cases.
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