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All my bags are packed; I’m ready to go… 
                                                                  —beautiful lines by John Denver 
While traveling out of the country, people make a check list to make sure that they have packed and done all the important things before traveling. In the checklist, most people would include a list of clothes to carry, maybe some games, toiletries, etc. When there are friends or relatives at the destination, people usually pack a lot of gifts and special things for them. At the same time, they also pack important papers and documents just in case they are needed while traveling. 
If one was to stop the excitement for some time, there would be other thoughts like the number of difficulties that could arise on the trip. Most individuals don’t even know the kind of problems they can face, let alone have a back-up ready to deal with it. The most common difficulty most Indians encounter in a new place is medical hassles. The expense of treatment across the globe is much higher than that in India. Dealing with such high expenses is not feasible for most folks, unless they have an international health insurance or travel insurance. Furthermore, the person may also face a problem with the language, currency and finding medical help in the new place. 
It is tough to anticipate the costs that come up owing to such problems. The call for travel insurance has been greatly felt by many people. Nevertheless, some people are still doubtful of the benefits thereof. A travel insurance plan does not only offer healthcare benefits for the person, but it also provides coverage for problems like accidents and passport loss while on the trip. For instance, Apollo Munich’s Easy Travel offers policy holders the facility of calling the company helpline and getting assistance with interpreter referrals, embassy referrals, baggage or passport loss, etc. The helpline also gives references on medical care providers at the destination. 
Each problem has a straightforward solution. Even though the expense of medical care is high world-over, people should not lessen the fun that the family has on the vacation owing to lack of finances. A travel insurance plan ensures that the family can have a memorable time and be prepared for anything out of the ordinary while traveling. Every holiday checklist should include list a travel plan so that people never forget it!
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