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Healthcare is a crucial concern at every age. One can enjoy life to the fullest only if he/ she is in good health. Medical insurance is one step towards securing oneself from health uncertainties. Apollo Munich offers a helping hand towards this objective with a promise of best- in class services.
With time moving at its pace, human world has witnessed several changes. All sectors have emerged with new ideologies and work process that has lead to immense growth and betterment. In the like manner, health insurance sector has also taken a huge leap with much scope ahead. Looking at the present lifestyle and healthcare condition, it has become important for all to get a suitable health cover.
Pertaining to the need, health insurance companies have formulated policies that can cater to healthcare needs as per the situation. Policies concentrating on varied health risks have been designed to take good care of people while in a situation of any health crisis. Today medical insurance plans are available in the form of
  • Individual Health Plan
  • Family Floater Health Plan
  • Group Health Insurance and also
  • Senior Health Insurance
They all aim at serving people as per their specific healthcare needs. Apollo Munich keeps introducing innovative health plans from time to time. Keeping a track of changing healthcare needs of people, it formulates plans to fulfill them. One such recent initiative is Optima Senior. It is a plan introduced exclusively for our elders. With an aim to make even the later stages of life comfortable and stress free in regard to health, this plan has been introduced lately.
As their persists several misconceptions regarding health insurance, in the like manner people don’t consider senior medical insurance as important enough to invest. However, medical insurance for senior citizens is equally important and relevant. It is an easy way to deal with healthcare expenses if happen to meet any health mishap and fall in need of medication. Although anyone can fall ill at any point in life but the chances of illness increases in old age. With the growing age as body grows weak and immunity level also goes down, a minor infection can also grow into a serious ailment. At this age, the person is expected to fall ill or in need of medical care often. So there is a need to think and plan about it beforehand. It is better to devote some time over it than facing trouble dealing with medical bills as and when in need.
Offering a solution, health insurance companies have come up with insurance coverage for senior citizens. The plans specifically designed for old age people make a provision of best healthcare for them without any monetary strain. It genuinely aids the insured in the age of retirement. Taking the canopy of a health cover, the insured can sit relaxed in terms of medical care expenses. Due to old age old people might fall in need of medication often. But the biggest peril on their way of medical care is financial requirement. But a health cover is the only tool that provides an easy escape from this stress filled situation. Providing monetary coverage to the insured individual along with a promise of health insurance benefits.
The policies entitle the insured to wide coverage at the cost of affordable premium. Policy variants make it feasible for all income groups to afford comprehensive medical insurance plans without any hassle. It also provides solution to the problem of not having an insurance cover till old age. You can provide a secured future to your parents or grandparents.
Optima Senior is one such comprehensive medical insurance plan that is designed exclusively for citizens of age 61 years or above. It is a plan that is equipped with a long list of benefits to make the healthcare coverage comprehensive yet beneficial. With options available in sum insured, you can acquire wide coverage with higher sum insured option of 5 Lacs. The policy offers 5% discount if the individual choose to get his/ her spouse covered under the same plan. Moreover, there is a no- claim discount after for having a claim free year. Also you can opt for lifelong policy renewal, with the options of 100% lifetime renewal. It gives extended coverage devoid of any complicated or lengthy process. Cashless access, e-opinion in case of critical illness and coverage for pre and post hospitalization makes the plan rich with benefits. Besides the basic coverage features, the plan weaves along another list of benefits that makes the policy unique. With health insurance coverage one can also avail tax benefits under section 80D of Income Tax Act.
In old age, it is truly helpful in buying a medical insurance policy. It will cover you with a protective layer that will further pave way for smooth and stress free health treatment. Having introduced such a plan Apollo Munich has given a solution for our elders. By getting them insured, we take good care of their well being. Maintaining a long network chain in over 800 cities, it makes treatment on cashless basis easily accessible. So think about the health security of your elders and help them enjoy best medical care as and when requirement.
Health insurance is an answer for all your queries and worries regarding healthcare in today’s era of high cost of living.
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