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Health insurance is the necessity that keeps an individual away from financial anxiety at the time of medical treatment. It makes medical care from the hands of experts accessible and affordable. These medical insurance products bring along with them several benefits and facilities so that the insured can stay away from the various hassles that might bring financial stress to him/her or his/her family. One such facility in India is cashless insurance. 
Cashless insurance in India, so known as cashless hospitalization, is a facility that helps an insured to seek medical treatment from the hands of experts in a network hospital. An insured can get the treatment in a network hospital and can walk out of the premises without paying the bills, which are settled directly by the insurer. This facility has helped lots of people in seeking quality healthcare without any financial anxiety. 
The only thing that the insured should keep in mind is that there is pre-approval required from the TPA or health insurer, whatever the case may be. An insured should get the approval, which can be done just by calling the same at the number mentioned below health insurance card. This card is issued to a person along with the policy.
This facility takes people away from the claim procedure, which is believed to be a complicated procedure. Thus, it has taken away financial anxiety and hassles required for arrangement of funds at the eleventh hour. Looking into the ease and comfort offered to people, Apollo Munich has tied up with more than 4000 hospitals such that its customers can seek quality treatment without any financial anxiety. If a person goes for treatment for a covered peril in a non-network hospital, he/she has to pay bill himself/herself. These bills can later be raised for reimbursement. 
Besides this, there are many other facilities that are offered to the insured to help him/her enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Healthline, the other facility, is also one of these facilities that are liked by people in India, as it gives them access to medical experts on phone, and can seek advice for their health issues. This means can be used to seek a second opinion. The doctor on call helps the insured in undergoing the right course of treatment at the right time. Apollo Munich offers this facility from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM. 
There are several such products designed to offer cover to both preventive and curative health needs. So, buy health insurance today and enjoy the coverage.
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