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Risks or uncertainty is intensely embedded in human life. It generates the chances of people facing sudden challenges making life difficult for many. There have been several instances where people have suffered a hard blow on their savings in an attempt to deal with sudden mishaps. At the same time, it is not possible to prepare for all sorts of uncertainties. There are several hidden causes that become the reason of a major mishap in life. In such situations, one cannot control or direct the circumstances to happen in future. But at least, every individual can prepare oneself with the facilities available.
Talking about the uncertainties of life, health has been a major cause for people facing problems. An illnesses never comes invited. It is not always pre- existing illness that generates the need of visiting the doctor but the need to get the treatment can also be aroused due to inadvertent causes. One such health related misfortune that can highly affect the life of the person is an accident. Causing bodily injuries it generates an urgent need of healthcare but at the same time it drags along mental stress regarding the expected expenses.
An incident like accident is capable of causing major damage physically as well as financially. But with a personal accident policy, today it is possible to get secured against this risk. It is the most easy and feasible way to avail best treatment to recover from the injury caused. An accident insurance policy offers compensation against bodily injuries and also in case of death. But the kind of coverage and benefits offered will vary from policy to policy. It will help you cope up with expenses incurred during the treatment of the injuries caused.
Every individual take precautionary measures from his/ her end. But one does not have control over incidence of life. There are good as well as bad times in life. They make you experience and taste varied flavours of life. But the hassles can give a real tough time. In today’s date where it is already difficult to manage day- to- day expenses, in this condition when the person happen to encounter the sudden mishaps like health exigencies, it comes as a huge burden. The expensive treatment cost makes it tough for majority of people to settle the expenses. If it happen to be an accident, there are more chances of situation getting complicated. It calls for an urgent need to get the appropriate treatment. Even a small delay can leave a major impact on a person’s life. Hence, it becomes extremely essential to think and take right decision before it goes out of your control.
In this regard, health insurance policies have been formulated to provide assistance. It is of true help in times of health exigencies. While seeking any treatment, financial issue is the major concern. Budget restrictions restrict the path of many people. It comes as a huge burden. At this point, health insurance policy aids with a helping hand. By giving financial coverage, it enable the insured or the covered members to enjoy best healthcare without any compromise. With a stress free mind, the person can concentrate on personal well being and thus can look for quality medication instead of worrying about petty issues like finances.
In health insurance, personal accident policy is another provision. It promise cash coverage against medical treatment availed to get injuries cured. At easily affordable premium, a personal accident policy guards the insured against accidental risks of life. It assists you in coping up with hospital expenses, surgical cost or medical emergency. In this way, it enable the person to proceed with the treatment without waiting which can delay the treatment resulting in further complications. It will provide you with a lump sum amount in case of accidental death and also during hospitalization. Insuring the person with inpatient treatment, it make easy to go through the medical procedure without any hassle. A personal accident policy also entitles the family members to certain specific benefits. It enable the dependent members take decisions as per the need.
There are various policies available to give coverage against accidental risks. But HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) Individual Personal Accident insurance plan has assisted many with best- in class services. Giving security against unforeseen accidents, it curbs the financial hardships that people might have to face otherwise. The plan is power packed with benefits like family transportation, transport of imported medicine, broken bones, puchase of blood, modification of vehicle and residence. Featuring a long list of benefits, this personal accident policy gives comprehensive coverage to the insured and help him/ her to avail best treatment in times of need. It also covers his/ her family members that includes self, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children. The policy gets issued for a period of 1 year and covers the person from the age group of 5 years to 70 years. Other benefits in the list are
Reimbursement in case of death or partial/ total disablement.
Weekly allowance in case of partial/ total disability
Reimbursement for inpatient treatment
Lump sum payment in case of fracture of bone due to accident
Cumulative discount of 5 % for every claim free year upto 50% of accidental death sum insured
In this way, Individual Personal Accident policy by HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) offers affordable wellness solution for all income groups.
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