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Health is the most essential asset. A person who is healthy enjoys life to a greater extent. Hence, we can say that a healthy individual is able to live a happy life. Most people, in order to stay healthy, follow different regulations, be it dietary strictness or physical exercise. On the other hand, the changing lifestyle of people has become the cause for an increasing number of diseases. In such a case, it becomes a must to follow the above said regulations.
Apart from all these efforts, there is always some vagueness associated with a human’s life. These uncertainties of life may bring fortune or misfortune, one never knows. It is beyond doubt that fortunes are welcomed and liked by all, but there are several misfortunes that tumble over life in a matter of a few seconds. One such sudden mishap is an accident.
A serious or major accident leaves a person in such a state that he/she feels helpless. Besides physical difficulties and discomfort faced by the patient, family members have to face financial issues that arise due to rising medical care costs. Many Indian families have become victims of these events and have faced financial encumbrance, which has affected the lifestyle of all family members. In many cases, it has been seen that people borrow money or sell off household assets in order to pay for medical bills. The rising medical expenses have created problems for a myriad of Indian people. This is because a very small number of people use accident insurance to combat these issues of life.
There are numerous accident insurance plans available in the Indian health insurance market. One should go through their terms and conditions and should buy the one that suits his or her needs. These products would be helpful in compensating for the loss of income for the particular time period while one is convalescing or seeking quality medical treatment, if required. Most of the accident insurance plans work on the principle of benefit that pays the insured a lump sum amount, depending upon the terms and conditions of the plan. The payment made to an insured in case of an accident depends upon the extent of bodily injuries.
Many of these plans also offer cover for death and disablement caused due to an accident. Besides this, the coverage of these plans many include family transportation, transportation of mortal remains, accident medical expenses, emergency ambulance charges, broken bones, treatment expenses, modification of vehicle, purchase of blood, purchase of oxygen and many more, subject to terms and conditions of the plan purchased.
There are certain such plans in the Indian health insurance market that also offer coverage for education funds of dependent kids, in case of an accidental death or permanent disablement of an insured.
One such plan that offers comprehensive coverage to accident victims is Individual Personal Accident Insurance Plan, brought by HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich). The company has devised this plan well, after a thought to all the possible health needs of an individual at the time of an accident. This plan is available in two variants: Standard and Premium, each with its own set of benefits. The Premium variant offers wider cover to its customers, as compared to Standard variant.
The sum insured amount ranges from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.50 lakh with the Standard variant and from Rs.5 lakh to Rs.500 lakh with the Premium variant.  The plan offers a beneficiary the sum insured amount in an event of an insured’s death due to an accident.
Though there is no doubt that a loss of a loved one is incomparable, but financial assistance is a must to the survival of the family members. If an insured gets disabled because of an accident, IPA offers the cover amount to an insured that can be used to compensate for the loss of income. The amount an insured gets depends upon whether the disablement is permanent or temporary. In case of temporary disablement, one can get maximum of Rs.5,00,000 in Standard variant and Rs.15,00,000 in case of Premium variant. One should go through the clause that contains the information regarding the amount of injuries incurred and the amount of payment to be made.
There is also coverage for
Emergency ambulance charges, maximum of Rs.2000, paid for the ambulance at the time of medical emergency.
Transportation expense of one immediate family member: 1 % of sum assured (maximum up to Rs. 1 lakh), when an insured meets a serious accident at different location.
Education Funds: 10 % of sum assured (maximum up to Rs.20,000) for up to 2 dependent children
Transportation of mortal remains: 2% of sum assured (maximum up to Rs.10, 000)
Temporary total disablement: 100% of sum assured.
Furthermore, Premium variant offers wider coverage and thus, include many more benefits, such as
Broken bones: 20% of sum assured (maximum up to Rs.1, 00,00)
Purchase of Blood: 5% of sum assured (maximum up to Rs.10,000)
Modification of vehicle/residence: 10% of sum assured(maximum up to Rs.1,00,000)
Imported medicines: 5% of sum assured (maximum up to Rs.20,000)
Accident hospitalization:  Rs.1,00,000
Thus, one gets all-inclusive benefits with this plan. It offers coverage to the medical needs of people meeting an accident. The other remarkable feature of this plan is that it can be bought at cost-effective rates.  These plans are purchased at the expense of just few hundred rupees on yearly basis and have to be renewed on an annual basis to enjoy coverage for the extended time duration.
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