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When people face accidents, they are bound to face financial problems. The reason is not because the accident would inevitably be fatal, but rather because the accident may not be fatal. When a person faces an accident, there are more chances of the individual suffering from long term injuries than them passing away in the accident. When a person needs continuous treatment, money becomes a prime concern. Without being able to pay for quality medical care, there are very few chances that the victim can ever completely recover from the incident. When people have health and accident insurance plans, they can rest assured that regardless of what problems they face post the accident, they would be able to cope with the economic crisis. 
A personal accident insurance policy is required primarily for the purpose of making certain that the insurance holder has the ability to deal with all the financial problems that come up after an accident. The purpose of health insurance is to assist the policy holder with medical care costs. Accident insurance policies cover the additional costs that the family has to bear after the accident also. 
Accident insurance policies provide coverage for a large number of problems. These generally include the costs of emergency ambulance cover, accident medical costs, the expense of transportation of medicines, purchase of blood, etc. The benefits also consist of lump sum payments in the event of Permanent Total Disability, Accidental Death, and Permanent Partial Disability. In case of the first two, insurance holders can also get educational funds for dependent children. 
People can generally get a cover of up to 10 times the income of the proposer with accident insurance plans.  Having a policy is therefore very useful. With a cover amount that is 10 times that of the income, the person can easily sustain the family for a long time after the accident solely with the insurance money. 
While most of the benefits of the various plans are the same, there might be differences in the cover amounts and some benefits. There may be some accident insurance plans that provide coverage for broken bones, transportation of imported medicines, and modification of residence/vehicle, while there might also be certain plans that do not provide all the coverage options. Selecting the right plan is therefore important. Accident insurance plans also cover for inpatient hospitalization after the accident. 
The Individual Personal Accident Insurance Plan is designed to give people the opportunity of getting the finest coverage for all sorts of troubles that are likely to be encountered after an accident. The plan wordings clearly highlight all the benefits in simple wordings that can easily be understood by those interested in purchasing the policy. 
The Personal accident policy aims at providing coverage through 2 variants: 
  • Standard
  • Premium
Anyone in the age group of 5-69 years can avail the plan. The cover ceases when the policy holder turns 70 years of age. The policy can be issued to the whole family or an individual. However, the cover amount can only be used on an individual basis.
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