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Every year large numbers of people encounter accidents and spend a lot of money to pay off accident loses, either for medical bills or for the modification of their vehicle. Many a time, one might not be in a good financial condition to bear these medical expenses, but is left with no other solution than to arrange for the money for expensive medical treatment, which becomes a must for survival. In such a scenario, uninsured individuals have to bear financial hardships. Thus, it is better to buy accident insurance in advance so that tackling these expenses is no more an encumbrance over a family. An insured individual gets coverage for the loss or medical treatment in times of need. This financial assistance is seen to be very beneficial.

Accident insurance plans offer coverage for health issues that arise due to an accident or any sudden mishap in life. There are several accident health insurance products available in Indian health insurance market, such that a person looking for the best one gets confused. These products offer cover for inpatient hospitalization, purchase of blood, medical expenses, broken bones, emergency ambulance charges, family transportation, accidental death and disablement, etc. The coverage limits, features and benefits may vary from plan to plan.  Hence, a person should go through the plan’s terms and conditions before buying the same.  

It can be purchased by an individual, family or group. An individual accident insurance plan offers cover only to the policy holder. Family health insurance offers coverage to all covered members of the family, which includes the insured, their spouse, dependent children and dependent parents.  Group health insurance offers coverage to all covered members of a group. It may be employees of a particular organization or members of a club. People having group plans are advised to have individual or family plans as well, as group plans stop offering coverage if the person is no more a part of the same group.

Each and every accident insurance plan has a specific level of coverage with well defined coverage limits, which are stated in the policy wordings of the plan. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)’s Individual Personal Accident Plan, which is believed to be the best accident insurance product in the Indian health insurance market, offers extensive coverage. The product is available in two variants—Standard and Premium. The  premium variant offers a larger range of sum insured with more number of benefits, as compared to Standard variant.

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