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Optima Super Plan

While every regular health insurance plan covers medical expenses up to a certain amount, with rising medical costs, the sum assured seems far less after a few years of owning a health insurance plan. Under such circumstances, individuals either buy another health insurance plan or augment the existing sum assured to increase the overall health coverage. Most of the times, this is not a cost-effective option.
Apollo Munich Optima Super is a top-up health insurance plan, which enhances total health insurance coverage on cost-sharing basis. Under this, the policyholder gets the benefit of high deductible, wherein all the medical bills for the year are considered. In case, sum of all bills is above the threshold limit, one can claim for the amount above the threshold limit.
Optima Super is a cost-effective top up plan to consider, if one is covered under a group health insurance plan as it comes with the unique feature wherein it can be easily converted into a normal health plan during a certain phase of life like retirement.

Buy Optima Super online and cover all your medical-related expenses for the lifetime.