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Women, It’s Time to Stay Strong with Cancer Insurance!

Apollo Munich’s iCan covers treatment costs for breast cancer and all other types of cancer

No Medical Checkup Required!

Now Spend Less than
Rs. 4/Day Rs. 6/Day

for a Cancer Cover of Rs. 20 lakhs!

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No Medical Checkup Required!
Low Premium

Low Premium

4500+ Cashless Network Hospitals

4500+ Cashless Hospitals

Latest Treatments Covered

Latest Treatments Covered

Lifelong coverage

Lifelong Coverage

Secure yourself with iCan; a health insurance plan exclusively for cancer!
A Strong Plan, for Strong Women.

iCan - Features & Benefits

Sum Insured options INR (in lakhs) 5, 10, 15, 20
Second Opinion Covered

MyCare Benefit

Conventional Treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, onco-surgery

Advanced Treatments, such as targeted therapy, proton therapy, immunotherapy

Up to sum insured
Pre-Hospitalisation 30 Days
Post Hospitalisation 60 Days
Emergency Ambulance INR 2000 per hospitalisation
Follow-up care post treatment Up to INR 3000, twice a year
Waiting period 120 days from policy commencement date, for all claims
Payout basis Cashless and reimbursement of the covered expenses, up till specified limits

You are a fighter. Stay that way!

Why Cancer Insurance Is a Must for Women in India

3rd highest cancer cases

India has the 3rd highest no. of cancer cases among women


More women than men have cancer in India, opposing the global trend

women cancer case

10 to 14 lakh cancer cases in women are reported annually in India

Why Choose iCan by Apollo Munich

low premiums

Low premiums

Cancer is costly. But cancer insurance is not! Secure your priceless health, with the low-cost iCan.

iCan vs. A Regular Health Insurance Plan

Sum insured Annual premium of a regular health insurance plan Annual premium of iCan
20 lakhs Rs. 43/day Rs. 4/day
25 lakhs Rs. 46/day Rs. 5/day
50 lakhs Rs. 59/day Rs. 8/day
Cashless Cancer Treatment

Cashless Cancer Treatment

Apollo Munich’s 4500+ cashless hospitals network pan-India will be your safety net. With hassle-free, quick cashless claim authorisation, finances will never be a worry.

All Types of Cancers Covered

All Types of Cancers Covered

iCan Cancer Insurance not only covers breast cancer treatment, but covers treatment costs for all types of cancers. With iCan, you are fully covered!

Lifelong Renewal

Lifelong Renewal

You know the best thing about iCan? You can continue this plan lifelong, even after a diagnosis of cancer! We will always take care of the finances, so that you can focus on recovery.

Knock cancer down with iCan!

The Costs of Breast Cancer Treatment

Targeted therapy

6 Cycles of Targeted Therapy -
Rs. 20 lakh


Rs. 1,51,000

Total Mastectomy

Rs. 2,75,000

Radiation therapy

Rs. 2,06,000 to Rs. 3,43,000

Let iCan take care of the financial burden of cancer.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

You can reduce your risk of getting breast cancer with simple, lifestyle changes that include maintaining a healthy weight, eating foods that prevent cancer, getting immunized and getting regular cancer screening tests.

Stay Physically Active

Stay Physically Active

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Say Yes to Breastfeeding

Say Yes to Breastfeeding

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Limit Hormone Therapy

Limit Hormone Therapy

Choose iCan. Choose Life.

Breast Cancer FAQs

How common is breast cancer in India?

One in 22 women develop breast cancer
4% cases are found in women under 30 years
16% cases between 30-40 years
28% in the 40-50 age group
52% over the age of 50
If treated at stage 1, breast cancer has a survival rate of over 90%.
There are several new drugs and treatments available to treat breast cancer.
Yes, it’s imperative to self-examine your breasts and get a mammogram done regularly, to help detect breast cancer early.
Women aged 40 years and above should get a mammogram every year.
All women must also examine their breasts monthly, 7 to 10 days after their menstrual periods begin.
Yes! Just three hours of exercise per week can lower your risk of breast cancer.
A nutritious, low-fat diet can also reduce the risk. Obesity can trigger oestrogen production, which promotes tumour growth.

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1. Premium, inclusive of taxes, for Optima Restore Individual Plan by Apollo Munich, for people in the age group of 18-34 years.
2. Premium, inclusive of taxes, for Essential Advanced iCan Cancer Insurance, for Non-Smoker Male, for 18-25 years (18-34 years age band does not exist in iCan; so this is the nearest chosen age group, for comparison)


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