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Health Wallet Family Plan

Health wallet is a win-win health insurance plan, through which you not only insure your health today but also secure your health for future. Health Wallet doesn’t let you lose your sleep or money over healthcare related issues. With Health wallet you not only save but you also earn bonus. It provides you comprehensive protection by paying for Inpatient and all outpatient expenses and saves you from future financial worries.

Health Wallet comes with all new Reserve Benefit that continues to grow and earn for you, helps you secure your retirement. Reserve benefit has been designed to ensure that your money does not get wasted as the unused amount is carried forward at each renewal. Not only this, a 6% bonus is also get added to this carried forward amount. And the good news is, that you can pay upto 50% of your renewal premium from the accrued Reserve benefit post 5 continuous renewals. Reserve Benefit not only pay for your out of pocket expenses (OPD, spectacles, health foods, vaccinations etc.) but also gives you the flexibility of paying for non-payable items that are generally excluded from any health insurance claim such as Co-payment and/or deductible.

Other benefits of Health Wallet are:

  • Restore Benefit: In case you happen to exhaust your full basic Sum Insured and Multiplier Benefit, then this Restore Benefit will automatically reinstates the full basic sum insured.
  • Multiplier Benefit: In case of a claim free year, basic Sum Insured will be increased by 50%.
  • Health Check-up Benefit: Health Wallet helps to keep track of your health status by offering a preventive health check-up at renewal irrespective of claims made.