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Health is of prime importance. Everyone should get individual health coverage to avail the quality healthcare, when required. Being deprived of good quality care, just because of high expenses involved has brought revolution in health insurance sector. Many private companies have stepped into this field of Health insurance.
We at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) bring several health insurance products in market. One of them, which have become popular amongst the masses for individual health coverage, is our Easy Health plan. It protects an insured against spiraling medical costs and guards him/her on the path of wellness. It is an extensive cover for medical treatment of accidents and illness, which requires inpatient hospitalization. In addition, it also provides cover against critical illness of an insured.
An Easy Health Individual plan is available in three variants:-
  • Premium 
  • Exclusive
  • Standard
Depending upon the variant, the cover may range from 1,00,000 to 10,00,000.
This individual health coverage plan pays for inpatient hospitalization and is designed to cover boarding and lodging, anesthesia, diagnostic procedure, surgical appliance, intensive care unit, operation theater, cost of prosthetic and other equipments and devices, if implanted internally during surgical operation, medical practitioner charges, drugs, and medical as per the policy terms and conditions.
Benefits of an Individual Health Coverage plan
  • Post-Hospitalization - This plan provides cover to specific number of days after being discharged from hospital, depending upon the terms and conditions of the policy. It may be for 60 days to 90 days, depending upon the situation and the company norms.
  • Pre-Hospitalization - It provides coverage to charges that incur 30 days before hospitalization. The same can be increased to 60 days, if informed early.
  • Day-Care Procedures - HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) provides cover for 140 day care procedures, where inpatient hospitalization is for less than 24 hours.
  • Portability - This feature offers an insured to shift from some other company to HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) along with majority of accrued benefits.
  • Cumulative Bonus - Policy holders are entitled to a bonus up to some percent, if claim for the money is not made in the entire year, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Critical illness coverage (optional)
  • Tax benefits
In addition to the above mentioned benefits, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) offers some value added services with this plan.
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