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Steep rise in medical care cost has increased the need of an affordable health insurance policy. It has created a huge gap between people’s pocket and healthcare services available. To bridge this gap, health insurance companies have come up with different healthcare policies that can be acquired at reasonable cost. All health insurance plans offers coverage against the amount paid in the form of health insurance premium.
Health insurance premium is the sum paid by the policyholder to the health insurance company for particular time span. In fact, the amount to be paid will differ as per the policy variant or other features like occupation, number of members covered in a plan and many other options. This amount is to be paid till the policy matures or it may vary from company-to-company just like the coverage limit. Thus, it is recommended to compare quotes to learn about facilities and benefits offered under different plans by different health insurance companies before making your final choice.
There is a need to understand the difference between health insurance premium and healthcare cost. Insurance premium is easily affordable as compared to medical care cost. You can choose the policy premium as per the affordability limit but still get access to quality treatment. Unlike this, healthcare cost will increase according to the quality of medical care chosen. On the other hand, premium is to be paid on annual basis or at the time of maturity of the policy whereas the urgent need of treatment can pose a huge burden of unexpected expenses on your pocket. It is thus always beneficial to pay an affordable premium and relax with a sense of security. 
With the help of health insurance websites, it is easy to find the plan that can best fit into the personal budget frame. Readily available online portals allow instant comparison of policy details. This fine tunes the process paving way for best choice. All such crucial steps must be exercised without any ignorance. It is imperative to obtain all necessary information about available health insurance policies. 
Conventionally, the health insurance premium was calculated by an insurance agent as per the customer's requirement. Nowadays, for the ease of clients, a premium comparative chart is provided by various sites. It gives direct information of the premium associated with different insurance plans. Some insurance sites provide an option of premium calculator, which helps customers to calculate their premium themselves. With this provision, insurance providers have simplified the process for you. It merely takes few minutes and you can get to know the amount you would be required to pay to acquire insurance coverage. Moreover, while calculating health insurance premium you need not indulge into any paperwork. It can be easily done through the website of the company and get instant result. 
One of such site is HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance), We aim to provide easy and best healthcare solutions to citizens of India. It is easy to take a look at our healthcare products through our website. The provision of online means of premium calculation has proved to be beneficial for customers using Buy Online’ and ‘Online Renewal features.
The health insurance premium depends upon the clients' health, plan opted, the candidate's age, and coverage limit. Hence, all these must be carefully cross checked before taking final decision.  Read why investing in a health plan before you turn 35 will be the best decision you will ever take in life?
With HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich), it is easy to develop clear understanding of plan. We provide genuine information with no hidden clause. In uncomplicated policy wordings, customers can get familiar with all the covered and uncovered benefits of policies. 
Each of our products is well-planned and designed. The below mentioned points are taken into consideration while designing an algorithm for premium calculation so that it suits all your needs:
  • Cost of advertising
  • Investment of premium amount
  • Cost of selling
  • Administration of insurance programs
  • Cost of services rendered by healthcare practitioners
  • Margin in profit
Every interested individual seek insurance coverage at the expense of reasonable health insurance premium. It is recommended to look into your needs, compare the quotes, calculate the premium amount and learn about reimbursement process and tax implications before making the final choice. Proper understanding of all the related terms is extremely important. They can make huge difference in the kind of services you receive in times of need. Also, you must never make the mistake of ignoring policy terms and conditions. They differ from plan to plan and have a crucial role to play. 
The amount of health insurance premium may vary state-wise, depending upon the terms and conditions of the company. So examine all such essential features and take a sound decision. See the dos and don’ts of buying health insurance.

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