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An employee is provided coverage by his employer under Group Health Insurance Plan. But, what if you are self-employed? In this case, you have to look for health coverage yourself. Health is an important asset. There shall be adequate health coverage regardless of your occupation. Health insurance for self-employed is must for all businessmen.
Self-employed people look into their balance sheet before they invest. These health insurance instrument for self-employed are the tax saving gift tokens that carry along with them tax implication, apart from providing health cover. Therefore, these insurance products, with dual benefits will definitely find the place in your balance sheet.
If you are a self-employed and looking for an adequate health cover, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance), a standalone health insurer, has brought its various products into market. Our Easy Health Plan, a unique health insurance for self-employed, is easily affordable. This broad coverage plan is available for individuals and family. It has three variants: Standard, Premium and Exclusive. All these three provide different coverage with different limits.
Easy Travel is the other plan that provides health cover while traveling. It protects your against all health related risks that may arise while traveling. It offers various benefits to passengers.
Personal Accidental plan provide coverage to all health related risk arising from an accident or unexpected mishap.
Insure health and Maxima are the other two comprehensive plans that provide various benefits to the policy holder. These two plans have an extensive coverage and thus, can be a good health insurance product for self-employed? All these products have their own limitations and benefits, as per the company norms.
Recently launched Optima Restore is a truly unique plan that offers innovative coverage. Inclusive of first of its kind benefit, this plan comes handy with affordable premium. Moreover, unbelievable health insurance coverage is available for individual as well as family floater coverage. 
Next, stand in the row is Optima Senior- an insurance plan for senior citizens of country. 
Optima Plus and Optima Cash are top up plans that help in extending the coverage for total healthcare coverage. 
In this way, ample variety is available in health insurance market today. Health insurance for self- employed is no more a worry. With an insurer like HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) you can find solutions for all kinds of health insurance coverage. 
Health insurance is an essential need for all. Irrespective of age or income level, all of us must find a suitable medical cover for self. It also becomes a way for tax benefits as the insurance policies offer tax coverage under Section 80D of Income Tax Act. So along with financial coverage, a health cover brings along several other benefits. They make healthcare journey stress free and uncomplicated. 
Health is the greatest blessing in life. It makes way for a happy life allowing the person to concentrate on all other aspects of life. Thus, we all need to take good care of personal well being. But you never know when and where a health mishap might be waiting. Health misfortunes can come unexpectedly without giving any time to prepare. In such a situation, an insured will have no problem in coping up with related unexpected expenses. With the help of financial coverage given by the insurance cover, the insured can manage the medical bills. Reiterating this fact or situation was important to help you understand the benefit that can one can enjoy under medical insurance coverage. 
Health insurance sector is rich in variety in today’s date. They make easy for you to choose the plan as per the specific need. For instance, there is even a provision of health insurance for self- employed. You need not get worried if you have your own business or work independently. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) brings solution at affordable cost. All its intelligently designed products, comes with a promise of great customer service, comprehensive coverage, simple policy wordings, lifelong renewal and cashless access to over 4500 hospitals. They cater varied healthcare needs of people. Operating through the information rich website of the company, you can easily go through the all the details. Innumerable healthcare products have been formulated. With almost all insurance companies having online access, it has become easy for buyer to obtain information. 
Insurance policies differ on various grounds. People in general might pursue several misconceptions. For instance, there are many who are not aware of the provision of health insurance for self- employed. There are some who are unaware of the insurance benefits. So to help people develop clear and genuine understanding of health insurance coverage, medical insurance companies provide information through their readily available sites. You can obtain all the related details like policy quotes, benefits, sum-insured options and about other features like waiting period, maximum age limit, copayment, exclusions and similar others. Before taking any final decision, acquaintance to all such details is mandatory.
Therefore, medical insurance is a provision for one’s own secured future. It is basically an agreement between health insurance provider and the policy buyer where in the insurance company promise financial support to deal with healthcare expenses. Make your pick and invest for a stress free tomorrow. Take a wise decision prudently to look after personal well being.
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