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Health insurance claim procedure is very specific, depending upon the company's rules and regulations. It is differs from one company to another. Nowadays, due to increasing competition, every company in health insurance sector tries to inculcate simple health insurance claim procedure, as it is the demand of customer. 
Everyone today wants to opt for the policy with easy and speedy claim procedure. People don’t want to indulge into complicated and lengthy procedures. Looking into this demand of clients, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) has taken strides in providing innovative healthcare solutions with simple and speedy health insurance claim procedure.
It differs in planned and emergency hospitalization. To avail for inpatient hospitalization services, you can go in any hospital in the country. If it is from our network of hospitals, you can avail the cashless service, where you can get the treatment for free. In this case, the company pays your treatment expenses directly to the hospital. But, in second case, where an insured gets the treatment in non-network hospital, he/she has to pay the bill and then can claim, up to the sum insured, for the medical expenses incurred.
You can claim the money by filling the health insurance claim form, which can be collected either from company's office, from agents or online. The following information should be correct to claim for the reimbursement of medical expenses.
  • Name of the policy holder
  • Contact details
  • Policy number
  • Date and time of problem
  • Location of problem
  • Nature of problem
You can register your request for the claims or you can even speak to representative on phone number mentioned on the site or can even mail on the mail address provided. Before you begin filling in the form, it is suggested to read all the related instructions carefully. 
Besides careful reading of the form, it is equally important to provide genuine information. There have been cases where people have faced complications or issues like delays in obtaining health insurance claim. The reason is the wrong information provided by the insured individual. It is important to understand the complete procedure of insurance claim. Every health insurance company exercise strict inspection of the information provided by the client. Thus in case of forged information, insurance company rejects the claim. It then poses several difficulties before the insured making him/ her go through a hard time. Keeping all such aspects in mind, you must ensure that you have provided genuine information to your insurer. It will pave way for easy claim. Thereafter, you will receive all the benefits promised by the policy. 
The claim procedures differ as per the policy coverage. For instance, in case of cashless hospitalization and reimbursement, claim process will vary. All these details must be cross checked so as to enjoy uninterrupted services in times of need. As insurance policies differ from each other on various grounds, in the like health insurance companies also differ in offering the health insurance claim. Along with the claim form, necessary documents must also be attached. The form must be filled in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.
Besides the completion of form, the insured also need to take care of the maximum time period within which the form is to be submitted. This can be yet another reason for rejection of claim. So, to avoid that and receive easy payment of your claim, you must ensure that your claim form reached up to your insurer well on time. It will further allow the insurance company to carry on with the procedure and thus work towards making your healthcare easy. 
In regard to health insurance claim, all information is easily available on the online portals of the companies. We, at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) take care of all the needs of customers. To uncomplicate the procedure for people, all related details can be acquired through the website. To help people in understanding the claim procedure, the websites is equipped with a link of Health Insurance Claim Procedure. Clicking on that you can get familiar with the steps followed the whole process. To make it simpler, there is even a facility of claim registration facility online. This allows you to register for claim with no matter where you are. You can instantly get in touch with us and get started with the claim procedure. Moreover, for your ease, the process is explained separately according to the plan. With easy access to all of them, you can get a clear idea about the whole procedure. 
Hence, all claim related details must be studied carefully. To avoid any confusion or complication while in need of insurance coverage, it is must for all to exercise all the crucial steps with due care.
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