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The increasing medical costs and changing lifestyle have made health insurance a primary need for all human beings. Everyone today wants to guard themselves and their families with a good and cheap health insurance policy. Group insurance policies, provided by employers to employees or a group of persons, are cheaper ones but these policies are valid only till an employee is on the rolls of the company. From the day he/she leaves his job, he/she cannot avail the associated benefits and facilities. Therefore, it is a must for an individual to get an individual or a family health insurance plan for long-term benefits.
The kind of medical coverage required depends on the personal needs of the person or the family. There is no lack of cheap health insurance policies in the insurance market. As we know, since a majority of people in India belong to middle class society, they try to curtail their costs of living in order to sustain in this expensive world. The demand for cheap health insurance policy is regularly increasing. Every individual wants to be covered against every possible eventuality at the minimum premium amount and in this situation choosing a cheap health insurance policy becomes difficult.
It is important for all to keep in mind that life is vulnerable to health illnesses. Moreover the number of health ailments have increased. This has increased the chances of health risks for people. There are several life threatening health ailments like cancer, heart stroke and the like. Some people make arrangement of large sums of money to be able to face these situations. But still there have been cases where people have suffered a huge financial setback even after having made prior arrangements. This is because the major illnesses make the list of medical bills longer. At the last moment they bring forward expenses in different forms. So looking at this situation it can be said that a health insurance policy is more feasible and beneficial. 
Comparing the increased healthcare costs and the insurance premium, it seems that the latter one comes under the affordability bar. The policy variants makes it possible for all to lay hands on the particular kind of health cover required. One can find a cheap health insurance policy and yet avail of the best healthcare coverage. The policy entitles the insured to the best medical care facilities without any fiscal strain. However if the person chooses the treatment according to the healthcare cost, he/ she will have to compromise with the quality of medication. It becomes difficult to arrange for the funds on an urgent basis. To safeguard people from such complications the insurance cover is of true relevance. By giving financial coverage it prepares the insured to deal with the healthcare charges.  
There is no harm in finding a cheap health insurance policy. However, before finalizing the plan the buyer must ponder upon few important questions like 
  • Will I able to afford the premium?
  • Does the plan give appropriate coverage pertaining to the kind of coverage required?
  • What will the claim process be?
  • Does it provide coverage against critical ailments?
  • How to proceed in case of a critical illness?
  • Is there any co-payment or deductible?
It is important to keep a check over all such crucial features while buying a health cover. Even a cheap health insurance policy can give appropriate coverage to the covered member. There is just a need to perform all the essential steps. 
To help people in this regard, the health insurance companies have equipped their websites with a feature like premium calculator. It enables the buyer to calculate the amount of insurance premium to be paid to the insurer. This helps in getting a clear idea, allowing the person to pick the policy as per the personal pocket size.  
Besides this there is a need to understand that a cheap health insurance policy could be equally effective and beneficial as any other health plan. It would be a misconception that such a health plan is inferior in quality. However the buyer must make sure that in an attempt to find a reasonable policy he/ she must not ignore the personal healthcare needs. It is the foremost need on which every buyer needs to keep a check. Whichever policy it may be, the insured will be able to avail of healthcare benefits only if the policy adheres to the kind of coverage required by the buyer.  
In addition to this, it equally important to find the best health insurer for oneself. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich), has emerged in the health insurance market with several plans and policies to cater to all your needs. All its plans and products are tailor-made to match your requirement. There is the popular Easy Health plan for individuals and for family. In addition, there are different types of travel plans, accident insurance plans and corporate insurance plans. You can make your choice according to your needs. We at HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) give you the facility of buying a cheap health insurance policy online. ‘Buy online’ feature has been designed for your ease, where you can make your purchase just with a few clicks of a mouse. It keeps you away from tedious paperwork, long procedures and informs you of the real information about the products and the company updates.
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