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It is your prime responsibility to take care of your family’s needs and to fulfill all their necessities. One such family requirement is health coverage. On the other hand, every individual wants to fulfill all his/her needs within budget. So, the requirement for health cover shifts from family health insurance to affordable family health insurance. 
Since the last decade, large numbers of public and private health insurance companies have started providing required health cover to the citizens of India. They have turned up in market with their different health insurance products. With innovative features, policies are equipped with several benefits. There are individual, family and group health insurance plans, accidental plans and travel plans to quench the need of quality healthcare and health insurance for one and all. All these plans differ from each other in the kind of coverage they offer. They include features and benefits as per the specific health risk. Under the particular insurance cover, the insured can seek treatment as per the policy terms. 
An individual health insurance plan offers medical coverage to an insured at the time of exigency. It covers the individual with financial coverage up to the limit of sum insured. 
A family health insurance plan provides the healthcare coverage to all the family members of an insured (including his/her spouse, his/her dependent parents, and his/her dependent children). All the covered members can enjoy policy coverage while in need of medical care. At the expense of single insurance premium, your dear ones can avail insurance benefits. 
Group insurance plan covers the health needs of the group of people who get coverage under the plan. It may be a group of members of an organization or a group of employees.
An affordable family health insurance plan curbs down the affordability issue by offering coverage to all family members. Today health insurance has become essential for survival. People of all ages require protection from health risks as that can create a complicated situation at any stage of life. Considering this need, health insurance providers have come up with various affordable family health insurance plans. At reasonable insurance premium, plans are ready to provide comprehensive coverage to all family members. 
In India, the price rise in cost of living has created a gap between people’s pocket and available services. Though best healthcare facilities are available but a major section of society is unable to afford it. Even after the facilities being available people cannot take advantage of it. The affordability issue comes a huge impediment curbing the path of people. This further leaves no other option than compromising with the quality of treatment. It further can affect the life of the person in the longer run. So, to resolve this issue and looking into the varied needs of the target customers along with an eye over the changing market dynamics, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) has entered into the Indian Health Insurance domain. 
Headed by the team of experts, we, at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich), have carefully designed each product to provide maximum coverage to individual health needs. Our affordable family health insurance provides cover to all the family members of an insured. In addition to it, we also provide some value added services to our clients to shift the paradigm from 'curative' to 'preventive', so that our clients can obtain the expert's counseling at the earliest. All our plans comes with a promise of lifelong renewal, simple policy wordings and tax benefits. Maintaining a long network chain with around 4000 hospitals in over 800 cities, with HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) you can cashless hospitalization easily. While choosing a family health plan, the buyer can even enjoy a family discount as per the related policy conditions.
We also give you the facility to buy online and get your plan renewed online, 15 days prior or after the renewal date. In mere few clicks of mouse, policy gets issued with instant confirmation. By providing basic details online, buyers can get insured devoid of any complicated or lengthy paperwork. For safe functioning of the whole process, we maintain robust payment gateways and thus ensure the confidentiality of the information provided.
So, choose a suitable affordable family health insurance and gift your dear ones a secured future. Under the coverage of a comprehensive health cover, all members can enjoy healthy life. It will provide mental relief in terms of health concern of dependent members. 

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