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Canara Bank is one of the premier banks in the country, and personifies a strong presence spanning 108 years and exemplifies uninterrupted profits every year since inception. The top line, reading a whopping 676 Lac Crore of global business demonstrates robust fundamentals combining sensible business acumen.   Sound founding principles, enlightened leadership, unique work culture and remarkable adaptability to changing banking environment have enabled the bank to be resilient, sturdy and always in the fore-front. It has also helped the Bank to win and nurture the confidence of over 5 Crore highly satisfied customers.
Canara Bank combines world class expertise with traditional Indian values to bring home to customers a friendly banking experience. Wide range of products and services are being offered through 4200 plus outlets. Numbers of product and services exceed 250 and these products and services meet every financial need of Bank’s client which makes the Bank a financial super market. 
Bank has harnessed the power of Technology through a host of alternate delivery channels and products  covering Internet and Mobile Banking, Tele-Banking, Anywhere Banking, Online Trading, Global Debit Card, International Credit Cards, Gift Cards, SMS Alerts, Missed Call Alerts, Call Centre facility etc to provide a cutting edge banking service to clients. All branches are under core banking solutions and Bank has over 3750 Automated Teller Machines. Bank has introduced e-Lounge facility where clients can avail of the above services without the manual intervention of branch personnel.

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