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The best health care is the need of every individual. It is beyond any doubt that medical treatment costs much and to pay for these huge expenses is not at all an easy task. Secondly, this financial issue in treatment compels people to go for a poor quality of health care.
We should always have it in our mind that health is the most important asset in our life and a quality health care is must to enjoy good health. Taking it into account, best health care becomes the demand of every person. Regardless of treatment expenses, everyone has a right to avail the best health care, for which health insurance come into scenario.
Health insurance covers all the medical needs arising from an unforeseen exigency in the life. The huge treatment expenses, increased number of diseases and changed life style has engendered the need of health cover. Looking into the scenario, there are several new entrants in market such as HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance), 
We at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) have emerged with the vision to provide innovative health care solutions to every citizen of India and to become their first choice partner in positive health has been incorporated in each of our product. They are intelligently designed looking into the needs of every section of society.
Our Easy Health Plan is designed to guard an individual against spiraling medical costs and to guide him/her on the path of wellness. This plan is to provide the best health care solutions to individual, family and groups. We guide our clients to manage their and their family health-related needs right from consultation to hospitalization and post-hospitalization.
Our Personal Accident plan protects an insured against all the medical needs arising due to an accident or an unforeseen mishap.
Our Group plan is designed looking into the needs of employers to provide health cover to their employees or group of people. In addition, we also provide large numbers of facilities and free recommendation services to all our clients.
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