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Innovative health care solutions are continuously emerging in the market due to conscious efforts of insurance companies. These solutions are designed keeping in mind the changing market condition and human needs. Medical costs are escalating regularly and have been the major cause for degradation in the standards of quality health care services.
We should always have it in our mind that health is the most important asset in our life and good health is must to live happy and healthy. Taking it into account, innovative health care has become the demand of every person. Everyone should get the quality health care, regardless of treatment expenses.  But the high going medical care cost has made the path difficult for most of us.
While going through a medical emergency, it becomes hard to compensate for the expenses on such short notice. Health insurance cover is meant to safeguard people from such critical conditions. With financial coverage, it becomes easy for the policyholder to cope up with the expenses incurred. Besides this, the policy entitles the individual to various other insurance benefits. Health insurance firms provide coverage to all the medical needs arising from an unforeseen situation in life of a policyholder during the risk period. We at HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance)  have designed our products to offer you an extensive coverage.
The Easy Health Plan is designed for the protection of an individual and/or a family against increasing medical costs. This product is to provide innovative health care solutions to individuals, families and groups. We facilitate our clients to quench their and their family health-related needs; right from consultation to hospitalization and post-hospitalization.
The Group Plan is drafted looking into the needs of employers to offer health cover to their employees or a group of people. Additionally, we also provide free recommendation services to all our clients.
Our Personal Accident Plan guards an insured against all the medical emergencies arising due an accident or any unforeseen mishap. 
In addition to that, we also fulfill the need of innovative health care coverage. At HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich), we strive to reach up to the target of customer satisfaction by serving them with the required services. Having launched plans like Optima Restore and Optima Senior, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) makes unique health care coverage easily accessible. 
Optima Restore plan appears as a plan with first of its kind benefit. This plan truly adheres to its tagline of “Unbelievable”. Inclusive of benefits like ‘Restore Benefit’ and ‘Multiplier Benefit’, this plan makes itself unique from other health insurance policies. Moreover, it is available for both individual as well as family health coverage. So, investing wisely in such a plan not only the individual but also the dependent members/ dear ones can enjoy unique benefits offered by the policy. On the other hand, Optima Senior is a plan exclusively designed for senior citizens of the country. With this plan, it is easy to get our seniors secured from the health risks in the age of retirement. 
Information regarding all such products can be acquired from the website of the company. Readily accessible online portal of the company is ready to assist at every step. At any time of the day and being at one’s own comfort, all policy buyers can seek required information about the health insurance policies. This will help in obtaining a clear idea about the covered and uncovered benefits of the policy. All policy features must be studied in detail. Proper understanding of the plan is essential so as to enjoy maximum benefits out of the policy purchased. 
While searching or before finalizing any medical insurance policy, it is extremely important to keep the focus on personal health care needs. The choice must be made according to the kind of coverage required. The policy chosen should be able to look after maximum of personal health care needs. One can enjoy this innovative health care coverage without any complication in the present date. Under the canopy of a health insurance policy, the individual can enjoy best health treatment without any compromise. With no worries about the fiscal needs, people of all income groups can seek treatment from a reputed hospital of city. 
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