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Basic and affordable health care solution is demand of every citizen of India. Good health care and high expenditure go hand-in-hand. Therefore, to maintain the balance between quality care and you wallet, health care plans by insurance companies came into effect. The growth in this arena, as seen in the last decade, is due to large numbers of benefits associated with their plans and policies.
Drastic change has been witnessed in health insurance sector. Since time, it has been associated with complications. Various new insurance companies have come into being. They have come up with their innovative health insurance products comprised of unique features and benefits. Also different policies have been formulated to cater the health care needs of people in different health care conditions. In this way, today there is a provision of insurance coverage against all sorts of health risks. 
With ample variety available, everyone can choose the plan that meet his/ her health care needs. Every individual with their aim to meet the spiraling medical costs should invest in these health care plans. These plans and policies have dual advantage of providing financial coverage in case of medical exigencies in addition to associated tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. So, some people invest to have health-related benefits and others invest to avail the tax benefits. Regardless of the reason for investment, it is a must to get health cover to have a secured future.
There are several health care plans available in market. A person needs to search for a plan that suits his/her requirements. A plan can be made affordable, if it covers all your needs. A few of the points that require due consideration is as follows:-
  • Premium
  • Coverage limit
  • Deductibles and exclusions
  • Policy holder's age
  • Risk period
  • Policy Terms and conditions
  • Benefits provided
We, at HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) take into consideration all the above mentioned factors with customer's health care needs at the center. Looking into this regard, cashless hospitalization has also been included into our value-added services. We offer an individual the facility of availing inpatient hospitalization treatment without paying a single penny. An individual can get free treatment in network hospitals for the sum insured. This helps in paying the expenses in an emergency situation. We strive to design our products to fulfill your requirements. Thus, focus over your needs, search for a health care plan and enjoy the benefits provided.
Health care plans are available in abundance. There is just a need to pay attention to personal health care needs and perform all essential steps. This will include:- 
  • Extensive research
  • Close study, reading all the policy details
  • Comparing on the basis of all crucial parameters
While taking care of all the above mentioned steps, the individual can reach up to the right decision. This will help making a wise investment that will serve in times of need with best returns. It is very important to make sure that the choice made in this regard in right. Only a suitable health plan can bring best returns and serve the purpose rightly.
To understand all the covered and uncovered benefits, the buyer must read all the listed features. It is required to examine all the details so as to understand what kind of coverage, the chosen plan can offer. 
All health care plans weave along several different features. They all have different roles to play in different health care conditions. Every policy adhere to certain specific policy terms and conditions. Adhering to those terms, the policy provides coverage to the insured individual. Hence, one must never make the mistake of ignoring the associated policy terms. They have a crucial role to play and thus can affect the coverage offered. 
In case of pre- existing illness, the buyer is suggested to read the policy terms as they will differ in such cases. So, all the conditions must be checked beforehand for uninterrupted services in times of need. 
Health insurance coverage is a provision that safeguard the policy buyer from the situation of financial upheaval that might be aroused while availing medical care procedure. By paying affordable insurance premium on annual basis, one can acquire the security as far as health related matters are concerned. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)give the option of obtaining health care coverage as per the need. Without any sub- limit or hidden clause, all its products are designed with a view to resolve all health care worries of people. With clear policy wordings and uncomplicated procedures, it has made health insurance coverage easy for Indian citizens. Besides giving the option of acquiring coverage for hospitalization cases, it also has top-up plan that extends the coverage. Comprehensive coverage accompanied with long list of benefits allow the insured to receive best coverage for having made the investment. 
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