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Health is counted as the greatest blessing. A person with good health is said to be blessed. It paves way for a healthy and happy life. Looking into this regard, health care insurance becomes the need of every individual. All those who want to have quality health care, should invest in a health insurance plan.
Health care insurance companies pay for the medical treatment expenses incurred during the risk period. It is an agreement between the health care insurance company and an insured for the reimbursement of medical costs, up to the sum insured. The amount is given to the insured for the covered treatment during a risk period. The company pays the whole or the proportion of the expenses made, as stated in the plan, for which an insured person needs to pay the periodic premium amount to avail the plan. In some cases, it can be for certain time period or for the entire policy period, again depending upon the stipulations of the policy purchased.
All these provisions will vary from policy to policy. It is important to take a close look at all of them so as to avail all the benefits offered by the policy. For instance, waiting period, coverage limit, copayment terms and other related benefits will also differ from policy to policy. They all must be studied in detail in order to avail maximum benefits for the investment made. Hence, all health insurance policies must not be considered similar. They all provide coverage as per the different health care conditions.
To cater to the health care needs of masses across the country, we at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) offer Health care insurance for individuals and family members. They provide customers the choice of selecting medical insurance, travel insurance or accidental insurance. Each of these has their own stipulations and benefits. Each HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) product is tailor-made to suit the needs of customers. 
Here are a few of the benefits of purchasing health care insurance products that give us the picture of its requirement in our life.
  • It provides financial coverage against all sorts of unexpected medical expenses. 
  • It promises quality care to its clients.
  • It covers all of your medical and hospitalization bills.
  • It offers a cashless hospitalization in enlisted hospitals.
  • It induces a sense of security to the insured.
  • It helps you in securing your future by paying a small premium amount.
  • It entitles the insured to quality treatment without any fiscal strain
  • It helps you avail the tax benefit for the premium amount paid, as per the norms of Income Tax act.
Hence, insurance covers dual advantage of providing affordable medical services and tax benefits.
Besides this, health care insurance gives mental relief to the insured. It enable the person to forget about the petty issues like medical bills and concentrate on personal wellbeing. Moreover, policies being equipped with long list of health care benefits makes the coverage beneficial for buyers. The provision of cashless hospitalization allow the insured to enjoy treatment on cashless basis. Under this benefit, the insured or the covered members can enjoy best health care without any fiscal stress. He/ she need not pay from his/ her pocket rather the insurance company takes the responsibility. By compensating for the medical bills, it relieves the worry of treatment expenses.
Today plans are equipped with several innovative features. They make health care insurance comprehensive yet beneficial. By serving people with unique health insurance benefits, all HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) products have been designed to serve the widespread requirements. They all come with a promise of lifelong renewal, great customer service, fast claim settlement, cashless hospitalization and tax benefits. Inclusive of all features and benefits, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) works towards its motive of ‘Let’s Uncomplicate’. With comprehensive coverage at affordable cost, they make health care journey easy for all. In addition to that, it makes the policy purchase simpler for all. People can buy the plan using the link ‘buy online’. It ensures instant insurance coverage to the buyer. In mere few minutes all can get insured and get immediate confirmation by way of SMS. Devoid of any complicated paperwork or lengthy procedure, the interested individual can acquire the insurance coverage. This has demystified the complete process for all buyers. This gives way to the need of seeking a trusted agent. The buyer can his/ her own decision and get directly in touch with the insurance company. 
With plans available for all sorts of health risks, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) has made best health care possible for all. So, according to personal health care needs find a suitable plan for self. Don’t forget to read the policy terms and conditions. They have a crucial role to play and can affect the kind of coverage insured receives. 
Health care care insurance is important for all. It is better to buy it at an early age as it gives wider range of choice to individuals. Thus the buyers can select the plan that is best suitable as per the need. 
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