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Health care coverage is the extent of medical protection given to a policyholder by an insurer. The limit of health care coverage provided by an insurer is stated in its policy wordings. Different insurance companies have different coverage, which may vary with the plan opted for. It is thus important to read policy details in order to understand the policy coverage completely.
It is believed that a good insurance plan offers maximum health care coverage. Looking into this perspective, we at HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) have emerged with different plans that have different coverage limits to quench the health cover needs of clients.
We offer our clients the facility of cashless hospitalization, where a patient can get the quality health care in one of our network hospitals without paying a single penny. Not only this, but our company also gives you a privilege of being treated in any hospital in India. You can claim for reimbursement of your expenses (up to the sum insured) incurred in the hospital (if it is a non-network hospital).
We understand the needs of people. They all differ on the basis of age, present health condition and other related health conditions. Hence, the plans have been designed so as to satisfy diverse health care as per the need. Our health care coverage is for individuals, families, and groups, depending upon the plan opted for. Even the range of coverage limit vary with the premium paid and other conditions of the plan selected.
Investing in best health insurance becomes a matter of financial concern for everyone. All of us would want to buy a plan that can offer best returns at the cost of minimum premium. To resolve this issue, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) has framed policies in varied sum insured brackets. With this it has made plans flexible enough to fit into the different budget frames while securing them against the health risks.
Today every individual is aware of the fact that number of illnesses are increasing day by day. They have endangered the health of people bringing in a huge difference. On the other hand, high going medical care cost has made the path difficult. It brings on the affordability issue for most of us. Unable to bear the expensive treatment cost, people are left with no other option than compromising with the quality of health care. This can affect the life of the person in the longer run. So, it is extremely important to pay attention to our health care needs before time plays its role. 
Investing in health insurance entitles the policyholder to health care coverage up to certain limit. As per the sum insured chosen, the policy will entitle the insured to insurance benefits as per the policy terms. Health care needs might be aroused due to different circumstances. It is not always the illness that creates the need of treatment. Due to inadvertent causes, the person might fall into the need of medical care. Keeping all such circumstances in view, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) has formulated various comprehensive plans. It offer the insurance options against all sorts of health risks. Besides taking care of general health care needs due to various illnesses, we also provide health care coverage while traveling. Our Easy Travel Plan guards you against all the health-related risks that you may encounter while traveling. Thus, look into your needs and the conditions of the plan and then make your final selection. 
In addition, we now even have the option of senior health care coverage. Having designed a plan like Optima Senior, it gives us the option of arranging a secured future for our elders. One can easily choose the plan that can fit into the frame of personal health care needs. To pick the most suitable plan, it is first important to analyse the kind of coverage required. The plan must be purchased according to those needs only. 
Before taking any final decision in this regard, every buyer must ensure that the chosen plan will be able to provide appropriate coverage in times of need. While choosing to invest in health insurance, the individual can also enjoy tax benefits as it entitle the policyholder to tax benefits under section 80D of Income Tax Act. Along with that HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) even includes the provision of portability that makes it easy for you to switch the insurance company without any complication. Hence, health insurance sector has a lot to offer in the present day. There is just a need to understand its importance and need in life. It is required to take a step ahead and get the future secured to enjoy treatment without any compromise. 
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