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Health insurance fulfills the basic health care needs. It aims to offer quality health care solution at an affordable price so that good health care does not drain you financially. It maintains the balance between the quality health care and the wallet. The growth in health insurance sector, as observed in last decade, is because of huge numbers of benefits associated with their products and services.
Every person in order to meet the augmenting medical costs should invest in these health insurance policies. They are very helpful when it comes to health care expenses. The insured can go for best treatment without any worry about the bills. Up to the limit of sum insured, the covered members can enjoy insurance coverage. According to the personal pocket size, people of all income groups can select the plan and acquire insurance coverage. 
These plans and policies apart from providing medical help in case of exigencies also provide tax benefits. So, many people invest in these policies due to associated tax implications. Whatever be the cause of investment, it is must to get health cover to have a secured tomorrow. It is the only way that one can get financial help to manage medical bills. 
Varied sum insured options make medical insurance affordable. Without any fiscal burden or disturbing the savings account, all of us can get our future secured. Under the coverage of a health insurance plan, the policyholder or the covered members can enjoy quality treatment from the best hospital of the city. Besides the basic health care coverage, the policies weave along several other benefits that make the insurance coverage beneficial for the insured. They make wider ranging health insurance benefits accessible. A basic health care plan will cover you against the expenses during pre and post- hospitalization, inpatient treatment, health check-ups and emergency ambulance. Acquiring coverage for all such expenses, it becomes easy to go through the treatment procedure. 
On the other hand, it is imperative to keep in mind that policies differ on the grounds of exclusions, coverage limit, waiting period, copayment and renewal terms. Hence, all these features must be cross checked appropriately before taking any final decision. All the included features have a crucial role to play. They affect the coverage in different forms but will surely affect the coverage offered. It is thus important to examine all of them closely so as to avail smooth functioning of insurance services. 
There are various health insurance plans available in market, ranging from basic health care plans to broad-cover health insurance plan. An individual needs to choose the one that suits his/her requirements. All kinds of health risks are kept in mind while designing plans. They are meant to provide coverage against all sorts of health risks. Concentrating on varied health risks and the related medical care needs, To make any plan affordable, he/she needs to focus on the following points:-
  • Premium
  • Deductibles and exclusions
  • Risk period
  • Coverage limit
  • Policy holder's age
  • Maximum entry age
  • Terms and conditions
  • Benefits provided
  • Renewal process
  • Claim process
  • Process to be followed during cashless hospitalization
  • Value added services
All the above factors should be checked out keeping the needs at the center. The plan will be of use and will serve you rightly only if it suits your health care needs. To avail maximum benefits out of the policy purchased the individual must buy the insurance policy that can look after maximum of his/ her health needs. In order to ensure the right choice, the buyer must also indulge into policy comparison. It will refine the search assisting the buyer to understand the difference between available health insurance plans. With this, the person can decide easily which plan will be able to bring back best returns. Also, the comparison of basic health care plans is easy by way of online means. It makes the process faster by allowing access to all the information in few minutes.  
Due to the steep rise in treatment cost, more and more number of people are looking for a basic health care insurance cover. Keeping in mind the need of a basic health care plan, cashless hospitalization has also been covered into the value-added services by HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance). We offer an individual the facility of availing treatment in the network hospital on cashless basis, up to the limit of sum insured. This helps in paying the expenses arising due to an emergency situation easily. With this provision the insured can avail best treatment from medical experts devoid of any fiscal worry. 
Thus, keep an eye over health needs, search for a basic health care plan and enjoy the benefits provided. We at HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance), strive to design our products to fulfill our customer's requirements. Our tailor made plans are flexible enough to fit into varied budget frames. Thus, choose the plan that is best suitable as per your needs and enjoy best- in class services in future.
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