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Are you also worried about insurance premium? If yes, affordable health care is something that can resolves your worries. Affordable health care means quality medical care at a reasonable price. It means that good quality care should not drain you financially. Thus, to maintain the balance between quality care and your wallet, health insurance companies came into scenario. The growth of this sector is the direct measure of their growth and their product's benefits.
Every individual in order to meet the spiraling medical cost invests in a health insurance plan. These plans, apart from providing medical help in case of emergencies, also provide tax benefits. So, many people invest in these plans due to associated tax benefits. Besides this, there are other associated benefits that make the journey of health care hassle free for those who are insured. By paying a reasonable premium amount, one gets an access to all the benefits offered by the policy. Whatever be the cause of investment, it is must to get health cover to have a secured future.
Once insured the person can leave behind the financial worries and proceed with the treatment. Either by way of reimbursement or cashless, the insured can get the claim from the respective insurance company. An affordable health care plan can give access to comprehensive coverage as well as various insurance benefits.
There are several types of health insurance plans available in market. An individual requires searching for an affordable health care plan. To make any plan affordable, he/she needs to consider the following points:-
  • Premium
  • Deductibles and exclusions
  • Coverage limit
  • Risk period
  • Policy holder's age
  • Benefits provided
  • Terms and conditions
  • Sub-limit (if any)
All the above factors should be looked into keeping health needs at the center as the fulfillment of the needs makes a plan affordable. Considering policy premium or the amount to be invested in health insurance is required but at the same time it is important not to ignore the health care needs. Along with an affordable health care plan, you need to find the most suitable plan for self.
The present scenario that shows a high rise in cost of living has increased the need of affordable health care. Expensive treatment has become unbearable for many. The situation becomes complicated if it is a case of hospitalization. In such cases, the list of medical bills becomes longer with several additional charges that come along with the need of hospitalization. Due to budget restriction many people find it difficult to cope with such circumstances. So, here comes the option of affordable health care for you. It is the most feasible tool that brings quality treatment well in reach of all thereby taking good care of your well being.
Insurers have come up with plans framed in different sum insured options. Further it includes offers like family discount for getting self and spouse insured in the same plan; reduction in waiting period for getting it renewed for few specific consecutive years and no claim bonus for having a claim free year. However, every policy will not include similar kind of benefits but they will differ in each case. Also the extent of coverage will be affected. So, don’t forget to keep a close watch on all the policy details. They must be read and well understood before taking any final decision. In this way, at reasonable price an affordable health care plan can offer complete coverage. Accompanied with comprehensive coverage it brings along several other benefits.
Looking into the need of an affordable health care plan, cashless hospitalization has also been included into the products by HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance). We offer insured individual or the covered members the facility of availing treatment in case of an inpatient hospitalization. An individual can avail cashless hospitalization in network hospitals for the sum insured he had opted for. This facilitates in paying the expenses for health risks arising due to an unforeseen exigency in life.
In addition to cashless access, with HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) one can get entitled to additional critical illness coverage along with the policy chosen. According to the kind of health risk, the policy weaves along several other benefits. Hence, it makes easy to enjoy quality treatment devoid of any fiscal strain. But to avail maximum or best returns, it is must to pick the plan that is the perfect fit into the frame of personal health care needs.
Thus, keep an eye over the health requirements and search for an affordable health care plan and take advantage of the benefits provided. We, at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)strive to design our products to meet customer’s needs.
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