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Optima Super Family Floater Plan 

Optima Super is a top-up health insurance plan, which enhances total health insurance coverage on cost-sharing basis under which the policyholder gets the benefit of high deductible, wherein all the medical bills for the year are considered. In case, sum of all bills exceeds the threshold limit, policyholder can claim for the amount above the threshold limit.
In a family floater policy, a maximum of 2 adults and a maximum of 2 children can be included in a single policy. While the family may include self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents, the 2 adults in a family floater can be a combination of self, spouse, father or mother.
Optima Super is a cost-effective top up plan for an individual who is covered under a group health insurance plan as it can be easily converted into a normal health plan at the time of retirement.
Buy HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) Optima Super online and cover all your medical-related expenses for the lifetime.