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CLAIMS SETTLED Rupees 2,913 Crores Claims Settled from Inception till June 2017.
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Individual - Brochure
Family - Brochure
Individual - Rate Card
Family - Rate Card
Individual - Rate Card (Inclusive of Tax)
Family - Rate Card (Inclusive-of-Tax)
Pre-Authorization Form
Policy Wording - Standard (revision w.e.f. 20-Oct-2016)
Policy Wording - Exclusive (revision w.e.f. 20-Oct-2016)
Policy Wording - Premium (revision w.e.f. 20-Oct-2016)
Policy Wording - Critical Advantage Rider
Critical Advantage Rider - Brochure
Proposal Form
Claim Form
Claim Intimation Form
Claim Procedure
Policy Wording - Standard (prior to product revision effective 20-Oct-2016)
Policy Wording - Premium (prior to product revision effective 20-Oct-2016)
Policy Wording - Exclusive (prior to product revision effective 20-Oct-2016)
Hospital Daily Cash Rider- Brochure
HDC Rider_Rate Card (Excluding Taxes)
Hospital Daily Cash Rider-Customer Information Sheet
Hospital Daily Cash_Policy Wordings
Individual Personal Accident Rider - Customer Information Sheet
Individual Personal Accident Rider - Policy Wordings
Individual Personal Accident Rider- Brochure
Protector Rider - Customer Information Sheet
Protector Rider- Brochure
Protector Rider- Policy Wordings