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At Apollo Munich Health, we aim to keep you updated on the latest products and services, to add value to your experience with us. We convey such information by letter, e-mail or the phone and only to those whom we think will find these products and services interesting and beneficial.
We respect and value your privacy and understand that some of you may not wish to be contacted over the phone for promotions.
If this is the case with you, you may use the Do Not Call form given below and register your phone number(s) that you want excluded from our telemarketing list. The details that you enter in the form will remain confidential.
Once you have registered:
  • We will make every effort to see that you do not receive any unwelcome marketing calls from Apollo Munich Health on the registered numbers.
  • Please allow 30 working days for the removal of the specified numbers from our telemarketing lists.
  • Registration on the DNCR will only bar unsolicited calls for Apollo Munich Health products and services and not for any other companies.

Click here for Do Not Call Registry.
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