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Why should you buy Corporate Health Insurance
Simply put, corporate medical insurance is health insurance offered by an employer to its employees. By offering its employees with a corporate health insurance policy, an employee tends to take care or provide for the varied health care needs of its employees. 
Corporate Insurance in India is becoming a wide spread phenomenon and almost each and every company is trying to include health insurance as a part and parcel of its employee benefits.
Benefits of offering Corporate Insurance
  • Helps in attracting good employees - Almost each and every individual seeking a job or job change tends to look at the employee benefits being offered by the company, and a good corporate insurance tends to be one of the major attractions for an employee.
  • Helps in retaining employees - When an employee thinks about switching jobs, they do take into consideration and compare what all were they offered previously and what is being offered by the other company. 
  • Boosts performance and offers peace of mind - With a corporate health insurance plan, an employee gets the feel that the employer is taking care of his as well as his family. This, in turn offers him or he with the much needed mental peace, as a result of which he or she is able to perform better at work.
  • Helps in offering added health coverage - With employers offering a corporate health insurance plan, an employee can opt for an additional individual or family health insurance plan. Doing so further accounts for additional health cover for the employee.
  • Attainment of Job Satisfaction - With a corporate medical insurance plan offered by an employer, an employee tends to have a greater sense job satisfaction, which in turn encourages an employee to stay with that particular company for a longer period of time. The employee tends to feel satisfied with the employee benefits being offered. 
  • Helps in becoming an “Employee First” company - Under corporate health insurance, the companies also offer health care benefits to the families of their employees as well. This in turn, makes the employee feel that the employer cares for them as well as their families. 
  • Offers support in times of medical emergencies - Like any other health insurance plan, a corporate medical insurance plan also offers an individual with the much needed financial assistance in case he or she faces a medical emergency. Furthermore, with this one is neither burdened nor has to compromise on quality healthcare.
  • Works towards employee loyalty - By witnessing the way in which the employer is taking care of its respective employees, the employees tend to adapt an attitude of loyalty towards their respective employers. This, in turn tends to help a company achieve loyal work force.
HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) offers customized Corporate Health Insurance Plans to its customers.  
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