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These days the world wide web has taken over our lives. Any information that we require is available online. Whether it is healthcare online or health insurance online or even a range of health insurance quotes online, everything is available, accessible and comparable online.

Every day millions of websites promise to give you just the right information or enlighten you about the mysteries of life. From self help to self diagnostics to self cure. One really wonders as to the veracity of information available. How does one check? How can one be sure of the credibility of the source and the knowledge of the author?

The rule of thumb to follow when pursuing information online is to verify it or get a second opinion from a reliable source. This could be your family doctor, your insurance agent, your health care service provider…any one qualified to talk about his or her subject with a certain amount of expertise.

This is not to say that all information available online is inaccurate. The idea is to apprise you of the fact that any information available on healthcare online may be 101% accurate, but it cannot replace a doctor’s diagnosis.

On the other hand, when you look for a health policy online, you would rarely go wrong. All information is available in black and white and you can compare health insurance quotes online. But even here it is advisable to get an agent to clarify any grey areas that you may have in your mind before you make an investment in health insurance online.

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