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Why should you take your child to your next Yoga session?

Pressure in school, busy parents, and a drive to excel at a young age pretty much sums up the stress and anxiety level in our children today. Embroiled in their own daily lives, most parents fail to recognize the diminishing levels of innate joy in their kids and harmful impact this may have on the children.

Other than this, the way children are using technology and gadgets these days, their lifestyle has also gone changed, with the biggest impact being – less physical activity.

So what is the solution to this? How can parents put their kids on the path to happiness, laughter and endless joy?

The simple answer is getting their kids enroll in a YOGA class. If you practice yoga, take your kid along for the next Yoga class. Yoga in the company of children offers parents numerous possibilities to exchange wisdom, share time with them, and lay the foundation for a lifelong bond of love and friendship.

We’ve already written about how yoga can benefit working professionals and expecting mothers

And here are the Benefits of yoga for children

  • Yoga for teensEnhance balance and coordinatio: Balance is a key element of yoga as it promotes mental and physical poise. This enhances mental clarity while the stability emerges as kids practice different yoga poses. This feeling of attaining a physical balance fills children with a sense of accomplishment and mindfulness.
  • Develops focus and concentration: One of the most important element in a students’ life is the ability to concentrate and focus. Practicing yoga encourages children to clear their mind and improve their ability to focus.
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence: Yoga instill a sense of confidence in children by developing their psyche throw breathing exercises. This way students learn to be patient, work towards the fulfillment of their goals and make the world a better place.
  • Helps Teens manage image and weight: Teenagers today face a lot of complexes, the right look for them being one of the top concerns. Practicing Yoga helps teens improve their posture and aids weight loss.
Read about yoga asanas that your kids can do.

Yoga for kidsWhile yoga promotes physical strength in children as they learn to use all body muscles in new ways; it can be rightly described as a proactive action to ward off instability or sickness in kids.

Schools also play a pivotal role in creating a harmonious community by introducing yoga sessions in their premises. Children must be always willing to discover the world on their own. Asking them to do certain things certain ways is not the right thing do. In fact, offering them a loving, open, and creative environment to uncover truths and meaning of life will make them a human in a true sense as they do yoga asanas/poses and engage their mind to deepen their sense of awareness.

So are you taking you child you’re a Yoga session this #WorldYogaDay ?

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