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Health Insurance: How to stay financially protected

With exponential growth in COVID-19 cases, the fear of losing precious life has increased. But our lives cannot be stopped, even though things have slowed down, yet movement cannot be controlled for long. There might be other pandemic or critical diseases that could appear anytime. There are a few steps one should take to get on with life even when the world outside is disruptive. And one of the most important steps is to invest in your health for better financial security in a critical time. This will be proven as one of your best investments just like investing in education.

Prioritize your expense over good investments 

You must understand there are two kinds of expenditure: One is an investment, and another is a pure expense. Expense on a healthy lifestyle is a long-term investment, planting is another example. Too much shopping is an expense but buying a few good quality clothes is an investment. The day you can priorities investment over expense you will be able to lead a much stress-free life.
Buying health insurance plans is one such investment that can keep you financially protected. Paying a little for your insurance premiums would become a long-term saving grace for the unseen circumstances. None has the power to control everything in the future but you may rather be prepared for financial security. Precaution is good but staying prepared for the critical time is the need of the hour. 

Importance of staying financial protected with a health insurance policy:

Haven’t we heard health should be our priority; after all, it is our ultimate wealth. A mild fever can be ignored but severe stomach-aches can’t for long. To meet the recurring unexpected expense can take a toll on any one of us. No critical illness enters anyone's life knocking. In such a situation having a good policy for yourself or the entire family will bring you peace of mind. It is better to stay protected at the earliest then regretting later.  
Having a health insurance policy will not make you think twice before visiting the doctor. And you would love a stress free visit to the doctor before things get worse. 
 You can get a better idea by reading the benefits of health insurance policy, here are few listed below:  
  • The health care policy brings in lots of benefits like it covers your doctor fee, room rent, pre and post hospitalization bills, ambulance bill, quarantine care, etc.
  • Under the critical illness plan, it would take care of the loss of payment during the medical emergency, and also help you to pay any loan or long due bills.
  • All health care policies have tax redemption benefits.  
  • The insurance policy provides you with a good network of hospitals so that one doesn’t have to think about finances to avail of the best healthcare facilities. 
  • Planning it for your health emergency will not eat up your other savings. Or one wouldn’t have to keep any of your assets like gold/ house/land on the mortgage. 
  • In case you do not claim the given duration, your investment won’t go in the drain. One can claim for No claim bonus as well. 

Thinking how much it would cost to get secured: 

Insurance policies come with various slabs to fit in each one of our requirements.
An individual health insurance: A 25/30 year person having a secured job can take a plan of a minimum of 5 Lakh. It would need them to pay INR 500 - 1000 monthly. 
Floater Family Health Insurance Plan: A family of 4, a couple who are 35 and have 2 kids can take an insurance cover at the little higher premium of INR 1000 - 1500. But it is always good to opt for a large sum cover for a floater family plan. 
Above mentioned are the basic charges that would cost an individual or their family members if they take a good health insurance policy. A cover of 5 -10 lakhs must be one of the priority investments for staying financially protected always. 

Can these plans be customized as per different needs? 

Yes, there are individual health insurancefamily health insurance, or senior citizens' health insurance plans with distinct benefits. With so many health insurance providers in the country, the plans can be customized per the consumers' needs. There are different plans for your aging parents, partner, or members in the family who are prone to critical illnesses like cancer, TB or Diabetes, tumour, transplantation, etc.  
A good insurance policy as per your requirement will serve amazingly to keep you financially protected. There will be no bankrupt like scenario and you would live bold and high. A shift in mindset from just investing in gold or land to also investing in health care policies can bring ultimate peace of mind. There can be no better gift for a daughter than to secure her future health with a good health insurance plan. It will protect your family members even when you are not with them. You should be preparing your kids for tough times ahead and pray for the best with a positive and aware mindset.
To Conclude: 
There are various health insurance policies that one can purchase to protect themselves and their family. So consider choosing the best insurer to stay financially protected with the right health insurance. Among other leading insurance companies, HDFC ERGO Health brings in the best offers on health insurance policies. The insurance experts are available to guide you properly. Do your researches, compare the plans, call the reps for any kind of guidance, and begin your seamless journey with HDFC ERGO Health. A small seed for sweeter fruit awaits your investment. Take care and invest better with a health insurance plan that guarantees to keep you financially protected always.

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