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Blog > Travel Insurance > Why Taking Travel Insurance a Necessity? Part 1

How you wish buying a ticket was the only thing required for traveling anywhere in this world. But then, it’s not always that all your wishes come true.

When traveling abroad, you should have these three most important things ready, first – ticket, second – your visa and third – travel insurance policy. One should be aware of the fact that some countries have a mandatory pre-condition for travel insurance plan, without which they do not process your visa application further.


On one hand, there are countries that require Indians to get the visa in advance, on the other, there are countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Macau, Maldives, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc. which offer visa on arrival to the Indian citizens.

There is nothing like visa on arrival, as it cuts down on the extensive paperwork along with other hassles one needs to undergo at the time of filing for a visa. Whether it’s a country that offers visa on arrival or not, it is important that you get yourself a suitable travel insurance policy whenever you travel to some international location. After all it’s always better to have a backup plan than to get stuck in a foreign land.

One must understand that when you travel abroad, lot many things change other than the geographical location. Be it the rules, regulations or medical facilities, everything differs. You may not be always be aware of how to get things done in a foreign country in case you get into an ugly spot. To safeguard yourself from getting into a fix in a foreign country, it is important that you opt for travel insurance plan.

Most of you may think travel insurance to be completely unnecessary, as getting hit by a car is the last thing you’d ever expect when traveling abroad. An idea of meeting an accident on your travel might not even occur to you, but there is a possibility that you could land on a hospital bed if things go awry. This is why you need travel insurance policy by your side, which would provide you with the much needed coverage as well as assist you in handling such an unwelcoming scenario. 

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