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Blog > Health Insurance > Why does online health insurance application take so long?

Online health insurance application

Buying health insurance plan online can be as quick as 5 minutes, if you do everything right. It you set your foot on buying health insurance plan, you will be spending:

# 40 seconds-1 minute to your premium calculation

# 2 – 3 minutes to fill your online application form

# 1 minute to make payments

I tried this myself. But, on an average people spend about 20-25 minutes to buy a single health insurance plan. Majority of the cases it is because, buyers are not sure about what health insurance plan they want to buy. Before you begin with the application process you must know the difference in individual and family health insurance plans, the sum insured that will be sufficient for you, the benefits you seek and keep the documents & details ready at hand.

How long does it take to get health insurance after applying?

Once you submit your application form, it goes to the insurers underwriting team and the time they take varies for STP & NSTP cases for various reasons:

STP (Straight through pass) NSTP (Non-Straight through Pass
Applications with no pre-existing conditions Applications with pre-existing conditions
Insurer is not more than 65 years in age Insurer does not fall in the age bracket
Insurer relies on customer disclosures Detailed health records are required
Direct payment & policy is issued in 2-3 days On the basis of risk assessment, premium varies
It is always a good idea to make full disclosures at the time of buying online health insurance because a little time spend today may save you hassle tomorrow.

Please note, that according to the norms, diseases diagnosed by a certified physician within 4 years or 48 months before buying health insurance plan are included in Pre-Existing Diseases.

How long does it take to get approved for Health insurance?

Once you have submitted all the needed documents, you application goes to our underwriting team. At this point they will

1. Verify the details mentioned in your application with the documents provided.

2. Review each document to confirm it has the information we seek.

3. Contact you to verify or add more information if needed.

This is done to avoid any inconsistency or data matching issue and avoid the misuse of health insurance plan. Health insurance industry sits on humongous hope of trust from its customers. As a health insurer ourselves we try to be as transparent as possible to give you all the details and timely updates. In return, we ask for your co-operation.


You could lose your health insurance! If your insurer asks you to add more information to your application, act at the earliest. Submit the details as soon as possible via email online. If you fail to share the required information, your policy application may get rejected. In that case you will have to go through the complete process from the scratch.

Ready to send the documents?

Uploading the documents is the easiest and fastest way to share information these days.

1. Make a scanned e-copy or clear photograph of your essential documents on your device. (Use CamScanner for scanning documents or similar apps if you are using a smartphone).

2. Make sure your file is in the following formats- .pdf, .jpeg, .jpg,

3. Compress the file to 10 MB or the size accepted for specific documents.

4. Save it under a clear name for your own ease and to avoid errors.

When mailing documents, please mention your name, DOB and Application/Transaction number (as applicable). You may reach out to our customer support or in such difficult times to seek information or share your grievance with online health insurance buying.

How long does it take to review Medicaid application?

According to the IRDA guidelines, the insured & the insurer share their own set of rights and responsibilities.  This means, after you have applied for health insurance policy, the insurer must contact you within 15 days. Generally, insurers don’t take that long, you may expect to hear from us in 3-5 working days.

Online health application is still faster than offline health insurance buying. Why?

Troubles with other modes of health application

# Offline health insurance application - You will have to courier or mail the documents manually and it will take 4-5 days of transit time at every step.

# 3rd party health insurance application- You will have to rely and depend upon your agent, do multiple follow-ups for all the information and communication.

This may expose the risk of information loss, miscommunication, unnecessary delays and discomfort.

So go with online health application process to be in-charge of your health insurance application and take a step towards informed decision making.

What next?

Once your proposal if accepted, the policy shall be issued almost instantly.

Verify all your details upon receiving your policy documents. Most of the profile details like address and phone number can be updated instantly by the user on our HealthJinn app.

In case you are dissatisfied, or happen to change your mind, you are allowed a free-look period of 15 days from the date of policy issuance to cancel the policy.

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