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Novel Corona virus has disturbingly changed lives of many for forever. Coming across as the big fallout of this decade, it has brought us to a point of reconsideration. In spite of our best efforts to stay healthy, growing number of such contagious diseases will possibly take anyone in loop at first instance of carelessness.

WHO has already declared Corona Virus as a pandemic. Government of India is also extending its full support and taking measures to contain the threat of this pandemic. As one bold step, our Prime Minister PM Modi called for a 21-days national lockdown on 25th March, 2020. Maintaining transparency about the right information and preventive measures is essential to empower masses. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has set up emergency helpline numbers, email id, supply & distribution of essential items. 

Government has launched the AAROGYA SETU App as a Bluetooth-based COVID-19 tracker.

Understanding COVID-19

COVID 19 is the novel corona virus that causes infection in your respiratory organs, majorly nose and throat.


An infected individual may go without any symptoms for about 14 days.

Common symptoms: Cough, fever, tiredness, difficulty in breathing.

Silver Lining: 80% of those infected recover without any special treatment.

Preventive Measures

Corona Virus is highly contagious, grows on any living body and spreads from human to human.

Silver Lining: You can Stay Home, keep a Safe Distance, Wash Hands Often, Cover your Cough and, If Sick? Call the Helpline.

Most importantly, do not share any unverified details about COVID-19.


There is no specific anti-dote, vaccine or medicine yet, identified to cure or treat COVID-19.

Silver-Lining: Self-care if you suspect mild symptoms, get tested, rest and sleep, drink plenty of water, and keep warm. In severe cases, eagerly seek professional care and inform all those you have recently contacted.

Statistics & Latest Events

Amid with our best efforts, results are unsatisfactory. The number of confirmed cases gets doubled in approximately 4 days. Covid-19 has proven the risk we are at every day. People are losing their jobs, daily wagers, travel industry has lost its balance.

Silver Lining: For now, in India, tests for COVID-19 are free.

Albeit, the hospitalization costs have to borne by the patients. Health insurance comes handy in such times.

Your HDFC ERGO Health Insurance policy comes to your rescue. We cover costs incurred on testing, treatment, room rent, hospitalization, and quarantine admission for treating corona virus infection. Since, viral infections like COVID-19 do not fall under pre-existing ailments, insurers are covered from Day 1.

As viral infections become common, have you insured health of yourself and your family members?

Those who have been procrastinating their plan for buying sufficient health insurance cover for themselves and their family. COVID-19 has merely exposed the risk. But it is not too late yet and lockdown is no barrier.

You can easily buy our comprehensive health insurance plans for you and entire family online in 5 minutes, hassle-free. Just fill your basic details and few health and lifestyle related questions that our experts seek. No medical tests!

Nowadays, buying a health insurance policy online has become as important as it is simple and quick. HDFC ERGO Health takes the challenge to make online buying easy on web and mobile in few simple steps.

Step 1: Go to our website or

Step 2: Browse through our individual and family health insurance plans

Step 3. Choose the insurance plan of your choice

Step 4: Enter few basic details like Contact details, Geography, Age of the proposer, and Sum Insured to calculate your premium.

Step 5: Choose your policy Term for 1 or 2 years to proceed to the Application form.

Step 6: The application form is Self-explanatory. Fill the required details like Baic Information, Contact Information, Member Details, Lifestyle Habits and Medical History accurately.

Step 7: Proceed to Make Payment and take note of your transaction number.

Soon after we receive your payment we will start processing your application form for policy issuance. Going forward you can use your Policy Number to login on m-Health app for filing claims, renewals, doctor consultations and other benefits.

If you have queries at any step of your online health insurance buying journey, chat with us live. We will be happy to serve.

Good Financial Planning has Health Insurance on the top.

Besides insuring health, premium on health insurance policies also helps you save tax under section 80D. In the wake of this hour, make health insurance a part of your financial planning.

With expanding effects of corona outbreak and surge in customer queries, our underwriting team and doctors are working at maximum efficiency to issue policies and settle claims in minimum time.  

For more details and queries, stay updated with our FAQs page & HDFC ERGO HEALTH COVID-19 Assistance Guide or visit our Self Help Section.

Just remember, HDFC ERGO Health stands with you in these trying times.

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