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How To Buy Travel Insurance

“What do you wish for your next trip?”
Majority of those planning for their next trip will say “A trip that goes according to the plan”.
That is the only good way to make the most of your time and money isn’t it?
Well, the truth is, no matter how hard we try, things do not go like we plan. Results? Panic, anger, and frustration that ruins what we wish were the best times of our lives. This is exactly where your travel insurance policy must step in.

7 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

While traveling, your travel insurance can be your backbone, by addressing many unforeseen mishaps, like:
Treatment expenses in case of emergencies, accidents, and illness
Baggage delay and loss
Trip delay and cancellation
Passport loss
Emergency medical evacuation
Cancellations, interruptions and missed flights
Theft or Burglary

Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance
We have all been there, if you have not then take a moment and thank your luck. Your luck can breach you any. There are many reasons to buy travel insurance and most of them are self-explanatory. You know need travel insurance that is reliable and sufficient, but where to find one?

How to choose the right travel insurance plan?

Travel insurance protects you from financial losses and resulting stress before and during a trip.
Any unexpected mishaps and stress, can ruin your key moments and experiences. Still, planning to avoid stress cannot be a stressful task. Thus, you need a travel insurance that is affordable and gives you enough coverage. 
You can follow these 3 simple steps to buy the right travel insurance plan:

Step 1: Begin with asking yourself a simple question that enclose the key details of your trip.

Who are you travelling with?
Where are you going?
For how long will you be there?
What is the age of each insured member?
Do you have any specific needs?
Before you begin evaluating the travel insurance plans available in the market, you may want to check the right box in the following grid:

About your Travel Partners

Step 2:  Identify the purpose of your travel and enlist your needs

Different insurance plans address different traveling needs. Begin with, specifying the purpose of your travel:
Vacation – 

Purpose of your travel – On Vacation tour
Single trip insurance plans are for people who love to travel for fun and leisure. Such trips are not frequent and need a cover from expenses on accidental injuries. 
Having a travel insurance on travel visa is mandatory in many countries. At some places, you may not be able to even hike without travel insurance.
Business – 

Purpose of your travel – On Business tour
Those who travel for business generally take multiple trips throughout the year. It can be expensive and difficult to get separate travel insurance for each trip. So you may need a comprehensive package that covers you for cancellations, delays and medical contingencies. 
Education –

Purpose of your travel – On Educational tour
Students abroad are at high risk of ailments and illnesses as they are away from their family and friends. Also, they need travel insurance for a fixed duration, fixed location but with wide coverage. 
When abroad, hospitalization costs can become a huge burden and cause study interruptions. With travel insurance plan you can avoid them.

Step 3: Choose the type travel insurance plan you need

What are types of travel insurance plans available to protect you from unexpected expenses while you are away from home?
A policy that offers a cushion to traveling individuals, aged between 6 months to 70, without any medical tests, for a trip of up to 180 days.
A single policy that shields each of your traveling family member, aged between 6 months to 70 years, for a trip of up to 180 days.
A plan that keeps in mind the needs of the students who are traveling abroad to pursue higher studies.
A unique plan for people who travel frequently for business and need a single and affordable insurance for multiple trips within a specific period (generally a year).
An insurance that ensures quality care and comfort for people in the age group of 71-80 who are planning for a domestic or international trip of up to 180 days.

How to choose your insurer?

Today there are many insurance plans available in the market. Most of these plans look similar. It can be confusing to settle on one plan even after a day’s research. If you are in similar situation take a look into your insurer’s history.
Many insurers, try to offer an all-purpose insurance at low costs. On the face of it, you will see a good value for money. But when the time comes to reimburse your claims, these companies disappear under the shadow of irrational excuses.
We want you to avoid such scammers. We suggest that you dig a little into your insurer and look into their:
Feedbacks and reviews
List of network hospitals
Claim Procedures
Issuance Process

How to buy travel insurance?

Your search for better travel insurance ends with the quality service ends here. Thanks to high-speed internet, it is easy to compare, understand, and buy travel insurance online. Plus, you get:
Power of informed buy
Convenience of time and place
Rid of paperwork and agent dependency
Complete access to information and policy wordings

Why HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)? 

There are some perks in being insured with a trusted brand like HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich). The list is endless, but let’s count a few:
A strong purpose to serve the customers
Wide network of 10000+ cashless hospitals
Quick and reliable claim settlement
Good customer feedback to trust
Instant policy issuance
Segment-specific plans for every need
In the next blog, we will discuss what are your key reasons to buy health insurance? Meanwhile, be ready with your next travel destination.

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