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A company’s work culture after all, is defined by its employees. The changing complexity and nature of work together with growing societal and lifestyle demands has shaken the work-life balance. 

This is also the sole reason why having a work-life balance tops the corporate people’s agenda list. Hence,creation of great workplace strategies has become important.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) has been recognized yet again at the annual Best Workplaces List - India’s Best Companies to Work For 2015. Notably, this is the fifth time in as many years that this recognition has come our way.

Great-Place-To-Work.jpgIn this age of instant gratification, it has become important for organizations to understand that having a great workplace involves having a foolproof business strategy on board, creating a great workplace is all about creating a work culture where employees would love to come to work every day. A culture that allows an employee to be the part of the process of building a legacy.

Undeniably, organizations having strong values rooted in trust, a thriving environment and supportive leaders that allows risk taking are conducive to success. At the same time, the present competitive work environment makes it important to attract & retain the right talent while keeping the employees motivated. This has been the challenge that most workplaces are struggling with.

Like all great workplace initiatives, the process of creating a great workplace begins at the higher level. In fact, organisations possessing innovative work culture formulate strong missions and bring committed leaders into the picture at the very beginning. This helps to not only guide the employees through challenging tasks but also to help give them a clear understanding of what is expected of them within the work culture.

Here are four of the things that tell if a place is great to work for:

1. A supportive work culture- A truly strong workplace culture offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees’ efforts, and ensures that employees understand that their work is meaningful.

2. Place where professional growth is priority- Smart companies understand that giving due importance to employees’ feedback must be a priority.  In fact, they look for ways that allow the growth of the company to go hand-in-hand with the growth of its employees.

3. A place where making connections is easy- It depends on a work culture to foster relationships so that employees can forge long-term friendships with like-minded peers.

4. A place where work is challenging- Human beings inherently like to be challenged. This helps them to grow and learn new skills. A workplace that offers employees challenging opportunities is likely to find favours than the ones where the prospects of engagement is less.

However, what successful workplaces do differently is that they make efforts and inform the employees about important issues and changes within the organization from time to time.  This helps employees stay appreciated and gives them enough reason to put their faith in the management. At the same time, by recognizing the importance of encouraging the employees to contribute suggestions and ideas, organisations are doing themselves a great favour. It is so because this helps employees take pride in the people they work for. In fact, in many companies, employee involvement and openness to feedback is a way of life rather than a onetime initiative.

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