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Blog > Health Insurance > Rising cases of Road Accidents in India and measures to control them

Causes of Road accidents and Measures to Control

Speeding led to 66% of road accidents in 2018.
More than 1 million road accident deaths have occurred over the decade.
Above two cases portray the harsh reality of India’s roads. Unfortunately, every year, millions of people become victims of road accidents and either lose their lives or get injured. Sadly, India holds the dubious distinction of reporting the maximum number of road fatalities in the international arena. Further, the increasing number of vehicles has worsened the situation. By 2040, the number of vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in India is expected to increase by nine times. In the current scenario, road safety has become a critical issue.

Causes of rising road accidents in India

There are several causes behind road accidents, and a few of them are drunken driving, over speeding, lack of traffic sense, not wearing seatbelts/helmets, etc. Further, factors like inadequate infrastructure, potholes, narrow roads, etc.; also aggravate the situation. 

How to prevent road accidents?

Before we discuss some specific measures, here are some of the basic solutions that should be implemented:
Infrastructural changes to ensure vehicles plying on roads are not old, roads are spacious, safety signboards are in place, and a pedestrian crossing is well-divided.

Inculcating basic road safety sense in people so that they do not drink and drive, abide by road safety measures, like helmets, seat belts, etc.

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The government should make it mandatory to participate in road safety training within a month of getting the driving license. It should also be conducted in every quarter. Most importantly, instead of theoretical teaching, the training should have drama, role plays, etc. to help participants understand the real scenario. It will bring a sense of consciousness among people.

People on the roads should strictly follow traffic rules and regulations. In case of any violation, there should be an automatic system to identify and penalize the individual. It would be good if there are cameras installed at all accident prone sites. In case the vehicle breaks the rule, the camera should read the number plate and automatically send the notice to the owner. Though this technique has already been implemented in some parts of the country, it is essential to monitor it efficiently to ensure the violator has paid the fine. Paying the fine within a week should be made compulsory or else the vehicle registration should be revoked.

Now let’s ponder over some specific measures :

Potholes are common on Indian roads, which get exposed during the rainy season. Many times due to lack of funds, local bodies do not get them repaired. To deal with this situation, local governing bodies can take the help of companies who are interested in advertising in their areas. The government should make it compulsory that any company who wants to place its hoarding, should also take the responsibility of repairing potholes on a specific stretch. It will not only ease the work of local bodies, but will also give exposure to companies.

Indian automobile manufacturers should leverage technology and embed their vehicles with sensors which can give real-time suggestions to drivers and thus can help in avoiding a collision. Usually, long-distance riders fall asleep while driving and end up meeting accidents. To prevent this, a mechanism should be installed in the vehicles wherein if the eyes of the driver remain closed for more than 30 seconds, the speed of the vehicle should automatically get reduced.

While the above listed measures can help in preventing accidents, it is also important to take steps to secure your life against unfortunate incidents. Road crashes can have an adverse impact on the lives of people and their families. The entire families can find themselves disrupted by the death of their loved ones. The situation can turn awry in case of death of the breadwinner or if accidents lead to disability. It is essential to get yourself covered under personal accident insurance.  

Buy personal accident insurance

The uncertainty of the future is the most certain thing about it. An accident insurance policy acts as a cushion against accidents and offsets the financial burden. A personal accident policy covers not only accidental medical expenses, but also takes care of non-medical expenses. It can go a long way in guarding you and your loved ones against the financial consequences of accidents. Most importantly, accident policies not only cover road accidents. In case your hands get fractured while playing football, or you slip from stairs at home, personal accident policies offer extensive coverage as they cover all types of accidents.
While you should follow road safety tips, take a pledge to buy personal accident insurance for complete safety.
It’s time to act
Accidents hurt people, but devastate the family. It’s time you take steps to stop accidents, before they stop you.

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