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Monsoon Season Health Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

While the monsoon brings respite from the scorching heat, it can make you vulnerable to a host of ailments. 

Health Tips for the Rainy Season -

This season goes an extra mile to keep diseases away from you. To drench in health; not in ailments, here are some health tips for the rainy season.
1.Be armed with rain gear: Spell of rain can greet you anytime, so be prepared to avoid getting wet. Carry raincoats and umbrella whenever you step out. 
2.Stay hydrated: Usually, people tend to drink less water during rainy days as they don’t feel thirsty. However, your body needs the optimum intake of water, irrespective of the season. It’s imperative to drink lots of purified water to curtail the risk of stomach-related ailments. You can also swipe your morning cup of tea with herbal teas like ginger tea, chamomile tea, etc.; which act as good immunity boosters. Soups are also good for monsoon. 
3.Say no to street food: Avoid street food during monsoon as it can make you susceptible to infections. Also, fried food slows down the digestion process, especially during monsoon, when the humidity is high. 
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4.Don’t walk in dirty water: For your health and wellness, stay away from walking in dirty puddles which can be riffed with germs and thus, can lead to fungal infections. If your feet get wet, change your socks and shoes immediately. You can use a hair dryer, if necessary. Fungi and bacteria thrive in a damp environment created by wet shoes.
5.Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables: Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly as soon as you bring them home. It is good to avoid buying pre-cut vegetables and fruits as they can be loaded with lots of germs. 
6.Avoid leafy vegetables: During monsoon, bacterial infections are high in leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage. Unless you are sure that you have clearly washed vegetables, it is better to avoid them. You can also boil green leafy vegetables in salt water to get rid of toxins.
7.Include herbs and proper spices in your diet: To boost your immunity, include herbs and spices like ginger, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, holy basil, etc.; in your diet. Loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants, these are useful for your overall health and wellness.
8.Eat pulses and cereals: As pulses and cereals are the rich sources of mineral and iron, eating them during rainy season is one of the important health tips. You can have well-cooked sprouts, soya beans, corns, ragi, etc.; in generous quantities.
9.Eat onion and garlic: As onions and garlic have antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is an including them in your diet is a good healthy tip that you should follow.  
10.Curtail intake of dairy products: As dairy products like paneer, milk, etc.; get easily contaminated, it is recommended to curtail their intake during rainy season. Please note, limiting dairy products intake doesn’t mean depriving yourself of necessary protein. You can have high-quality dairy products in moderate quantity. 
11.Have smaller meals: During rainy season, as the humidity is high, the body takes a longer time for digestion. Therefore, it is best to have smaller meals rather than larger ones. 
12.Be cautious with non-vegetarian food: It’s good to avoid eating too much non-vegetarian food, especially red meat. Even if you like to have non-vegetarian food, choose lighter meal options like stews, soups, instead of the heavy gravies.  
13.Practice good hygiene: During monsoon, outdoors become the apt breeding ground for bacteria. Take a bath when you reach home to safeguard yourself from infections. Also, wash your feet and hands with a good antiseptic soap when you come back indoors. 
14.Always carry a sanitizer with you always: A good hand sanitizer will keep both your hands and feet germfree.  Those sanitizers which include natural ingredients like coriander, neem, lemon, etc.; should be preferred as they are not harsh on the skin. 
15.Stick to exercise regime: If exercising outdoors is not feasible, indulge in indoor workouts like aerobics, Zumba, yoga, etc. Make sure that you engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to sweat out excess moisture and harmful bacteria. 
16.Get clothes ironed: Rainy season is the apt time for molds. Usually, almirahs, closets, etc. are used to store bed sheets, clothing. As these places are wet, they get damp when it rains. With high moisture, there come molds, and therefore, it is good to iron clothes.  
While the above important health tips will ensure you enjoy the rain when nature turns to an amazing green hue, you should be prepared to deal with an unexpected medical emergency by buying a comprehensive health insurance policy. A health insurance policy can act as an umbrella to protect you from the sudden showers of medical costs. 
Have a healthy & happy monsoon

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