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In India, cricket is akin to religion and ‘Men in Blue’ are worshipped like a god. While every win is celebrated like a festival, a defeat is equivalent to a national tragedy. The ‘Game of Gentleman’ entertains, excites and unites the entire country. But that’s not all. This game has some interesting parallels with health insurance and imparts valuable lessons. 
So what does cricket teach about health insurance, let’s find out:

Teamwork prevails

The fate of the game depends on the right mix of players, having different but complementary skills in batting, fielding and bowling.
Similarly, for the complete security against life’s unexpected events, it is essential to have both health insurance and personal accident insurance policies. While a health insurance policy guards against medical bills, a personal accident insurance policy offers coverage against accidental death or disability. The absence of any one policy can put the finances at stake. 

Adapt to the changing conditions

The strategy of a captain may vary depending on the opponent team, form of the players, weather conditions, pitch, to name a few. Even during the game, the captain can adopt different fielding strategies like silly mid-off, backward point, gully, etc.; as well as batting techniques like defense or attack as per the playing conditions.
Similarly, in health insurance, it is imperative to revisit your health insurance portfolio at different life stages to ensure it is in sync with the current scenario. For instance, the cover you had when you were unmarried may prove futile after marriage and kids. Parenthood, change of job, retirement, etc.; are some of the life-changing moments that warrant the review of your insurance portfolio.

Early start is essential

To set and chase big targets, it is important to have a good partnership between the opening pair. A good early start can lay down the foundation of the victory. Longer the partnership, higher the chances of winning the game.
Similarly, it is prudent to buy a comprehensive health insurance plan early in life to get the comprehensive cover. An early purchase also means fewer chances of pre-existing ailments and any disease diagnosed later will be covered automatically. Further, when you don’t file a claim, you become eligible to no claim bonus, which can translate into higher coverage.

Have patience

To chase big targets, patience is the key. Though, 4s and 6s get most cheers; for how long the player stays on the crease and changes the strike are also important. The same is true for bowling as well, where a bowler needs to focus on bowling the right line and length with calm even after conceding too many runs.
Today’s consumers are spoilt for choices when it comes to health insurance. Therefore, to make the right pick, it is important to be patient and carefully compare all the available options. And once you buy it, make sure you timely renew it to enjoy the lifetime security. Life comes with its shares of ups and downs and how long you stay covered under health insurance can make you a winner on the health front.

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