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Lifestyle changes in last one decade and their impact can be seen for each one of us in all walks of lives, especially in our healthcare needs. Present generation of millennials depends largely on internet for understanding and fulfilling their healthcare needs. Here is your guide to your next health insurance purchase online.

Buying health insurance is the essential part of adulating today. Everyone needs it, but not everyone accepts it. Back in the days, health insurance was a luxury of affluent society and buying health insurance was time consuming. But long working hours, poor diet, and environmental factors today create a compulsive need for regular medical care and good health coverage.

Fortunately, technical disruption is taking care of it at multiple levels. Our best example, is Internet. This storehouse of information has progressively become an efficient key distribution channel for insurers. Its fast, cost-effective and transparent. Help you to easily browse, compare from different insurers and Sum Insured.

In this age of digital buying, security, privacy, and trust are the three major hurdles that millennials face while buying health insurance online. Health insurers are striving to facilitate better plans, more benefits, and ease of purchase by integrating latest technology.

Buy health insurance online, but first consider :

Buying health insurance online is all about making an informed purchase by reducing the dependency on agents and his limited knowledge base. There is a pool of health insurance plans available in the market today to meet your individual needs. You just need find the right plan for yourself. How?

Finding out the perfect and best health insurance plan and a trustworthy insurer has always been the tiring part of the day for individuals. Sifting through multiple details like: Coverage, premium, eligibility, benefits, clauses, and exclusions seems to be a time sucking parasite.

Your insurance policy must be determined by your family’s requirements.  Here are some questions to be considered to choose the best plan for yourself without getting confused -

How many family members you want to insure?
What is your relationship with them?
What is their age?
In which city do you live?
What do you expect out of your health insurance plan?
What are your average medical expenses monthly/annually?
How much cover do you need?
Do you or any of the proposed member have any pre-existing diseases?

An insurance company’s experience, financial strength, and service record plays a very important role while buying an insurance online. In addition to this, you need to consider the time duration an insurance company has been in business as its expertise in health insurance will be reflected in the policies it offers.

Also, read the policy documents carefully to read about the inclusions and exclusions of the plan.

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Benefits of choosing a Health Insurance Policy Online

Compare real-time information and instant quotes to make quick decision. If you choose to compare health insurance online, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Avoid long Queues and Waiting time - If you are planning to buy health insurance online begin with online comparison. It is better than contacting and coordinating with various agents. Why to add one more responsibility in your busy schedule? You can compare mediclaim policies online providers in a few minutes without moving from your seat at any time of the day.
  • Opt for Convenience - Buying an online health insurance policy in India requires minimum or zero documentation. Just share all information as precisely and honestly as you can.
  • Save Money - The premium of an online health insurance policy is often accompanied with exciting discounts on their mediclaim policy premium. Health insurance companies are more than willing to share the commission of agents with the customers who opt to buy directly from their portals.
  • Transparency of information - You can go through all information about online policies in great detail until you are satisfied, if you compare health insurance online.
  • Compare between insurers, plans, variants at multiple levels - You can compare health policies and select from an abundant options available. By choosing to purchase health insurance online, you will have lot more options to choose from. You don’t have to buy the plans typically offered by the agents.
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Often people go by the recommendations of their friends and family, which may lead them to disappointment in future.

  • The policy may lack the features you need and you may end up paying for useless benefits that may not be of use in future.

  • You may create financial stress and ruin your family budget for an insufficient cover.

  • You may not be able to exploit the medical benefits without proper knowledge of plans, claim process, add on riders, and top-up plans available in the market.

  • The insurance policy may be of no use if you need immediate treatment during emergencies without proper information of waiting periods, eligibility criterial, and exclusions.

To ensure that your policy stands beneficial for you and your family, you must compare various health insurance plans. After all its your hard earned money, you are investing and you serve a secure future.

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How to Buy Health Insurance Online? 

You can buy health insurance online simply by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the company website and click on the banner/button advertising online health insurance.

Step 2: Enter the following details:
·         Age
·         Annual Income
·         No. of family members seeking insurance

Step 3: Choose the right insurance plan variant

Step 4: Share accurate information

Step 5: Check Premium Amount

Step 6: Make the online payment

Step 7: You are insured now.


In the next blog, we talk about what information you must share with your insurer? Often claims get rejected because people overlook the importance of declaring their medical history, lifestyle habits and pre-existing diseases. Keep following us to seek answers to all your questions and save yourself from the rainy day crisis. 

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