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Blog > Things that cost more than health insurance

A health insurance policy acts as a cushion against hospitalisation costs so that one can focus on recovery rather than worrying about expenses in case of medical emergency. Still, some people shun the idea of buying the policy due to the perceived hefty premiums.

However, in reality, you would be surprised to know that the monthly premium of a health insurance policy is far below than what you regularly spend. While a Rs 3 lakh health insurance cover can be easily purchased on a monthly premium of Rs 579, the money that you spend on everyday things is much higher.

Here are some of the monthly expenses that you hardly blink an eye at.

One cup of coffee

A cup of joe works wonders for you. But do you know, a single cup of your coffee can cost you at least Rs 120, excluding taxes? If you visit a coffee shop twice a week, it would add up to Rs 960 a month. And yes, it doesn’t include the cost of the burger you order.

Movie outing

Maybe you are not the ‘first-day first show’ kind person, but still, the idea of watching a film on a big screen may excite you. However, watching a movie with a friend means spending at least Rs 500. Top it up with popcorn of Rs 220 and the total cost will easily shoot up to Rs 720. It is easy to calculate the burden that you will put on your wallet by hitting the theatre twice a month.

Eating out

Restaurants are a great place to taste new dishes and grow your gastronomical scale. But while eating out is fun, it is expensive. Three quick meals during office hours can cost you anything above Rs 400 at a local sandwich shop. Similarly, a family dinner means shelling out at least Rs 2000. While your drink order will lift your mood; it will undoubtedly weigh your wallet down.    

Buying clothes

Looking good is a costly affair. A simple white cotton shirt can come with a price tag of at least Rs 300. Pairing it with new denim jeans can cost you minimum Rs 400. Your shopping bill can notch higher if there is a sale going on as then you would have no reason to stop only at two clothes.

Life can turn unexpected twists. The sedentary lifestyle has increased the incidences of critical ailments among youngsters. You will end up spending your years’ of savings in case a medical emergency strikes. On the other hand, a health insurance policy will ensure that you don’t need to compromise on your lifestyle.

So while you spend on indulgences, don’t forget to spend on buying a health insurance for the peace of your mind.

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