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Blog > Health Insurance > Health insurance for senior citizens – Must in times of Coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19: The Importance of Health Insurance Senior Citizens

Already the media and the news channels have stressed enough on the fact that elderly people should be more cautious and take more effort to protect themselves against the COVID-19 virus. If you are above 50 years of age, you are advised to tread carefully in the time of such pandemic.

I am a senior citizen, what should I do?

What expenses will I have to bear once tested positive for COVID-19?

From where will I source them?

If such are your worries, we will discuss them at length here.

If you have some pre-existing illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, or blood pressure at this point, the only way to steer clear of the virus is:

  1. Eat Healthily: Boost your immunity by eating as healthy as you can
  2. Exercise: Keep those muscles engaged in some sort of workout.
  3. Check your Health Insurance for sufficient coverage.
Case 1: One of the early incident of COVID-19 in India was when a 76-year old man in Kalburgi, Karnataka who had returned from Saudi Arabia was tested positive for COVID 19 at the airport, he showed no symptoms at the time. He went in for treatment in a hospital at Kalburgi but he gave up shortly after.

Case 2: When a 50 years old man from Bangalore, suspected symptoms of COVID-19, he isolated himself. He was tested positive of the virus in March first week where he was admitted to isolation by the hospital. He was treated with antibiotics to prevent secondary infection. Better arrangements, proper guidance, and treatment helped him to improve and triumph over the disease victoriously.

Covid-19 has proven fatal for about 4% of patients in their 60s. This percentage doubles for those in their 70s.

According to reports, with 93322 active cases, 5394 deaths the problems are exploding in forms of scarcity of health care, economic breakdowns, scarcity of food and psychological impacts of social distancing on each one of us. 

The glimpse of the severity of the situation around us, compels us to rethink the need and ways of securing health. Especially our parents, grandparents and other elders in our family, can use health insurance to ensure proper care, if in case, they ever have to deal with the virus.

A right health insurance plan can save you from

  1. Quarantine hospitalisation expenses
  2. Costs of diagnosis
  3. Consultation fees
  4. Emergency Ambulance cover
  5. Others
Paying for the treatment all at once from your own pocket, can mean catastrophic losses, especially when you are approaching retirement. In today's date the as you age the probability of acquiring the disease balloons up. On the other hand, paying small amounts of the periodic premium is easy and can take you a long way.

In these times when the pandemic is touching peaks and is expected to cause more ruination, it is getting difficult to get a bed for yourself at the hospitals.

If you have some chronic illness or need medical care for any other reason than COVID-19 the treatment is far from affordable. Even if the stars are in your favor, the hospitalisation cost is so high that only a handful of people will be able to afford it in the future. This is where the health insurance companies step in. The health insurance plans for Covid 19 take care of the healthcare expenses up to the guaranteed sum insured. They eliminate the unnecessary hustle of high costs at the time you need it so that you get the best possible medical aid without compromises.
  • Did you know that heart attacks kill one person every 33 seconds in India?
  • And that air pollution causes two Indians to die every minute?
With numbers like these, it becomes vital that you plan for medical emergencies, because an unfortunate incident could strike anytime. But how to find an appropriate health insurance plan.
  • Individual Health Insurance Plans- If your child is in his 20s, he cannot stay on your health insurance for long. Perhaps, it’s time to trade your family insurance plan, for an individual insurance plan.  The prime focus of per member health insurance plan is the individual needs of the insured.
  • Critical Illness Plans- If your health is fragile and you need medical care often, make sure you have a comprehensive health plan that even covers major critical illnesses such as Cancer and Heart Disease. Even if you are healthy right now, it is best to plan for unforeseen medical emergencies well in advance.
  • Co-payment, Deductibles and Top-Ups: If high premiums of senior citizen health plans are of concern to you, you can choose a co-payment option. Co-payment means that each claim will be divided into the admissible ratio to be paid between you and your insurer. Or you can opt for deductible. The deductible is the amount to be paid from your own pocket, before your health insurer steps in. Such options bring the costs of premiums down by a large difference and yet provide you the cushion of having your unforeseen expenses covered.
Evaluate your financial plans and to define your medical needs and find the right health insurance plan for you. 

At last, all I would want to conclude that health insurance plans are mandatory for everyone and everyone should buy it within time but considering the present scenario, our elders and senior citizens are the ones who need it the most. So, give it a thought, plan it out properly, gather all the information you need, seek proper consultancy, and then you will be good to go.

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