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Meet Niharika Sodhi. A fitness blogger. Has lost more than 20 kilos in just two years. Believes (and has proven) that losing weight is actually simple! 
The biggest fear we face when we think of losing weight is that we’ll never succeed! Doesn’t it require hours of working out in the gym, living on the diet of just soups and salads whole day and becoming a generally unhappy person?
Niharika will tell you otherwise. With just 30-45 minutes of working out at home 6 days a week and skipping a diet plan for natural, healthy foods, she’s lost more than 20 kilos in merely two years. And all this when she is a chocolate-lover, hails from a Punjabi food-loving family and had to struggle with a hormonal disorder that causes immense weight gain. Sharing the wise advice to remember to be patient with yourself, she truly represents our belief that #EveryStepCounts.

1. When was the first time you realized you need to be fit and healthy? Can you recall a particular incident that made you take note of your unhealthy habits?
The first time I realized this was after my board exams when my weight became around 85 kg. I wasn’t fitting into any of my clothes and looked really, really heavy. I wanted to lose weight, but ‘being healthy’ wasn’t something I thought about. Who thinks of being healthy anyway, right? All of us are just obsessed with losing weight, becoming thin, and looking good! This is all I wanted as well.
A particular incident was when I was heading out for a family event and was trying clothes, and absolutely nothing fitted me. Even my mom’s clothes were tight. That was a wake-up call for me.
2. What lifestyle changes did you make to shed those extra kilos?
I first developed a positive outlook. I knew that if I think it’s unattainable, it would never happen. I kept telling myself that I’ll lose weight, and read a lot of books and articles almost every day about various fitness-related things. I started waking up at 6 and pushing myself to the gym. I discontinued junk and fried, not chocolates though. I can’t live without chocolates!
3. After how much time did results begin to show? And how long did it take for you to reach your current weight?

When you are extremely overweight, you lose kilos faster. In the first week I lost about 3 kilos. Later on the process becomes slower.
It took me about 2 years, which is also because I have taken about 6-8 months off in the middle due to several reasons like catching dengue, injuring both my knees’ ligaments, and the usual exam breaks. Also I kept lagging, I’d go home and lose self-control and gain a few kilos. This happened every holidays. By the time I’d lose those kilos, it would be holidays again! 

4. What was the most challenging part of this journey of transformation? What helped you overcome those challenges?
Coming from a Punjabi food-loving family, the biggest challenge for me was food. I couldn’t imagine not eating food which I like because I am such a foodie. Moreover, I cannot stand restrictions. How can you tell me what to eat at 10 am and how much to eat? Why can’t I eat what I want to and how I want to? Turns out, I actually could!
I just found healthy alternatives (e.g. grilled meals instead of fried junk) to things and actually started enjoying eating healthy, which is why I have never been on a diet even though I have lost 20+ kilos. When you find healthy alternatives and genuinely enjoy it, one doesn’t need a diet plan per se, according to me. You can find an article about eating healthy alternatives on my blog.
5.  For how long have you maintained your fitness and how do you maintain it?
I started my journey in June 2014. I maintain it by regularly exercising (6 times a week). I won’t say regularly eating healthy because that doesn’t seem like something I need to ‘maintain’. I have genuinely started preferring healthy foods instead of junk. I guess I’ll always be that way now. J I do eat a piece of chocolate almost every day, Nutella and pancake, pizza, etc. every few weeks because why not. But I feel really happy when I am eating something which will enrich my body; after all it’s what I am working out for. I also try out different workouts from a company called Beachbody. They have some really good workouts and have given me great results. I post the review of all these workouts on my blog ( after I finish them. Working out at home and trying these workouts has made exercise more convenient and fun for me because unlike 60-90 min at the gym, they just take 30-45 min with no transit time. Also because it’s important to keep shocking your body with something new.
6.  Has your life changed post weight-loss? If yes, how?

I have become more confident! In fact I think your entire personality changes when you are a fitter person. Apart from that, I have fought acne. I had terrible acne which I got medically treated when I was 14 or so, but I would still always have a few zits on my face. Now my skin has become much clearer and better. Oh, and it’s a wonderful feeling to fit into clothes and not to always have to search for the biggest size available. Also, it has made me feel happier. Self-love is important, and it’s bad that it only came to me once I accepted my body. One should love themselves regardless of the shape of their body.
7.  Was there anything you wish you had known that might have prevented you from putting on excess weight?
I wish I knew about the food I am consuming. We eat so mindlessly. Simple thing- chips. You’re hungry? Eat chips. You are travelling? Eat chips. You want to munch on something? Eat chips. You are bored? Eat chips. It’s so, so bad for your body. I wish I knew that I am feeding my body so much crap instead of nutrition. I wish I knew the value of nutrition and how it does wonders for your body!
I wish I knew the magic of natural foods, which is exactly what I promote on my blog as well. The reason I started my blog was because everyone feels losing weight is impossible and the hardest thing ever, and they give up before even trying. I write to tell them the simplest of things which can make them shed a few kilos and be healthy.  I try to preach about the importance of a healthy lifestyle because I feel a lot of people don’t care about what food they eat and how it’s affecting them. I’ve got wonderful response till now. It’s amazing when people write to me telling me they’ve lost weight and adapted to being healthy, because they didn’t know it was this simple!
8.  One tip for people who are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle?
I would say lose weight because you love your body, not because you hate it. That’s the wrong mindset. It’s not that hard. You don’t have to kill yourself for it. Don’t rush for results. Since your body hasn’t put on weight overnight, it wouldn’t shed it off overnight too. Instead enjoy the beautiful journey which lies ahead of you. Embrace the entire process of your body changing for good. Feel proud of the smallest of changes instead of rushing it up.
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