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Blog > Travel Insurance > Five Things You Must Carry On Your Next Business Trip Abroad

Packing for a foreign holiday is always an exciting activity for people who love to travel. Just a sight of casual outfits and stowing flip flops in a travel bag are sure shot way to get the traveler revved for the leisure days that lies ahead.

When it comes to packing for a business trip, the sense of excitement is often taken over by the feeling of anxiety. Interestingly, according to a recent travel trend report, ‘Millennials are nearly twice as likely to want to travel more for business than baby boomers (45 percent to 26 percent respectively), and a strong majority of millennials (57 percent) believe technology can never replace face-to-face meetings to get business done’.

Business Travel Tips

Looking at this trend report outlining the importance of business travel, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that foreign business travel requires more than just grabbing the passport and heading to the airport. Moreover, when traveling for work, it is important to note that one is representing their company, its culture, products and importantly the brand. Attending a bloggers’ meet, seminar, looking for a new meeting location, or that maiden meeting with foreign clients, one’s professional behavior can go a long way to impact the reputation of the company and its ultimate success.

For every business traveler, it is also important to understand that every country has its own set of beliefs and customs. Unsurprisingly, their expectations from the visitors of a foreign land is as same as what they expect from their own countrymen. Thus, it is advisable to research the social customs followed in the country one is going to visit before every business trip.

For safe and successful foreign business trip, we have created the ultimate checklist to prepare you to effortlessly face a variety of networking scenarios and remote-office challenges that might crop up as soon as you hit the foreign shores.

1. Business cards-
There is no such thing as too many business cards. They should be the first thing to be packed when going for a business trip. It is also the ideal time to refill the number of your business cards. After all, you'd not like to be surprised in the middle of a meeting only to realize you’ve exhausted your business cards.

2. Travel and business documnets
Make multiple copies of your passport, visa, tickets, hotel confirmation, and credit/forex cards. Keep valuables –passport and local currency – in the same bag. Remember to keep all business documents/presentations in a separate portfolio bag. A laptop/mobile charger is also a must in these virtually charged times, and you may want to carry a 2 pin adaptor if you’re traveling to Europe.

3. Travel insurance
Foreign travel, specially comprising of multiple transfers, at times can be a risky business. A Travel insurance plan protects you against loss/delay of Checked Baggage, Loss of Passport, trip delays/cancellations and covers you for Emergency Cash, unplanned medical expenses that you may incur while traveling to a foreign land.
Items To Carry
One can easily secure multiple trips (ideal for frequent travelers) to a foreign land with a suitable annual multi trip insurance policy. Whether traveling to a country where there is a visa-on-arrival or to a country where visa application is filed before-hand, it is advisable to buy suitable travel plan in advance to avoid any hassles during the travel period. If there is paucity of time, which is rather true for any business traveler, one can always buy travel insurance online.

4. Medical supplies
Ensure you get the proper vaccinations depending on your travel destination and medicines before your trip. Importantly, if you are suffering from any existing health conditions, food allergies, diabetes, asthma, keep all medical supplies handy. Ensure there is enough supply of all the necessary prescribed medications to last the duration of your stay abroad.

When one buys travel insurance, it is important to understand that it ensures ready availability of medical assistance in case of sudden hospitalization. However, coverage may not be available for pre-existing medical conditions or general medical check-up.

5. Forex card
Many travelers may find forex card to be expensive but its multiple benefits makes it a perfect travel companion. A prepaid forex card is cheaper and safer to use and is a viable option as opposed to buying foreign currency especially when the business traveler is less on time.

On the convenience front too, Forex card gets the brownie points as a traveler can use it at all Visa/MasterCard merchant outlets and Visa/MasterCard ATMs around the globe.

Forex cards are widely accepted at restaurants, shopping malls, and now even taxis in some countries. When it comes to security, this card lessens the risk of losing cash in case of theft or loss of wallet. Even if it is stolen, one can contact their bank and block it to avoid misuse.
Business travel is an opportunity to connect and learn from the mavens in your business field and these are just five of the many things that must be the part of any business traveler packing list, let us know if you have your own business travel checklist.

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