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Blog > Health Insurance > 11 common scenarios that will leave you wishing you’d taken travel insurance

Common Scenario for Travel Insurance

Travelling to a foreign country is a special experience - you plan for months, you save money, you research “best places to visit”, you search “best local foods”, and you make a shopping wish-list.
But, unfortunately, some unforeseen events can spoil your months’ worth of planning in a minute! And what’s worse is, controlling such events is out of anyone’s hands. 
What you can do however is at least is be prepared – both mentally and financially. With travel insurance!
Think of travel insurance as your friend in a foreign land.
A friend who can help you when you’re in a difficult situation or emergency. Read through our list of common instances that’ll have you wishing you were insured:
1. A health emergency right before you leave

Health emergency right before you leave

What if you or your partner or maybe your child, unfortunately falls ill just before your trip? Or you come to know about the critical emergency of a close relative? You would be left with no option but to cancel your trip. In such a situation, trip cancellation cover will help you recover your finances.
2. Your flight gets cancelled

Fight gets cancelled

Mechanical or technical issues, bad weather, security issues, lack of aircraft, and lack of crew are some common reasons for flight cancellations. If your airline company cancels your flight, you will either have to return home with your mood spoilt, or half-heartedly spend extra money to book new tickets at exorbitant prices. But if you have travel insurance, you will be paid to buy the new tickets and your trip won't be ruined.
3. Your flight gets delayed

Flight gets delayed

Suppose you are in a foreign country, waiting for your flight to your next destination. You get to know that your flight has been delayed for 12 hours due to some reason. You wouldn’t want to be stuck at the airport, would you? Travel insurance will offer you funds for the extra accommodation and food expenses during that period.
4. Bad weather affects your holiday destination

Bad weather affects your holiday destination

Chilling during the summer on a Hawaiian beach is what you are looking forward to, but then, you come to know that a volcano has erupted. And incoming travel is shut down completely for a month. Your money for flight bookings, hotel bookings and other experience-related bookings will be wasted in such a case. Well, not if you have travel insurance. Travel insurance will help you recover all your pre-paid costs.
5. You get sick or injured on the trip

You get sick or injured on the trip

It’s not just the time zone that changes when you travel to a foreign country, but the climate too. Some people have trouble adapting to the climate and fall sick. And sadly, healthcare is very expensive in foreign countries as compared to India. Travel insurance not only provides for your healthcare expenses in such a case, but you also get assistance to get quality service. Moreover, even if you get injured due to some accident, your medical expenses are covered.
6. Your elderly parents need emergency medical evacuation

Elderly parents need emergency medical evacuation

Say you’ve planned a second honeymoon for your parents. And during their trip, unfortunately, your father’s blood pressure drops severely and he needs to be hospitalised. If you have bought travel insurance for them, safe transportation will be immediately arranged to take them to a medical facility. All expenses covered. Such service otherwise costs a lot abroad.
7. Your baggage is delayed or lost

Baggage is delayed or lost

Baggage getting lost or delayed, due to being loaded onto a different flight or for some other reason, is a common problem in international travel. Especially if you have connecting flights. You would be surprised to know that some international airports are even infamous for such instances! With travel insurance, you will get reimbursement to buy essential items, so that you can continue your trip without hassle.
8. Your passport is lost

Your passport is lost

Your passport is essentially your identity in a foreign land. Losing it obviously puts you in a difficult situation overseas. Overseas travel insurance can help in such a situation. The Lost Passport benefit offers you funds to pay for your new or duplicate passport and embassy referrals to fast-track the process too.
9. You miss your connecting flight
Miss your connecting flight
Some long-distance travel requires you to take connecting flights. Sometimes you do get some resting period before the next flight, but there are times when you have to rush. Chances are you might end up missing the connecting plane. Travel insurance policies comes in handy in such situations, as it compensates for accommodation and alternative travel charges that you may have to incur.           
10. As a solo traveller or as a couple, you need emergency assistance

Need emergency assistance during Travelling

When you travel all by yourself or with your loved one, it’s best to have some backup. What if your rented car breaks down in the mountains, the village you travelled to doesn’t speak English, or you take the wrong train? Travel insurance helps in such situations by providing emergency assistance services in the form of recovering money, evacuations and transportation.
11. Terrorist activity happens during Travel

Terrorist activity happens at the travel destination

Considering today’s global situations, terrorist activities can happen anytime and anywhere in the world. When such activity happens during travel and you have to cancel your trip, travel insurance reimburses you for the money spent.
These are some of the situations where travel insurance comes to your rescue in case of an emergency, be it a medical or a non-medical one.
While planning your foreign travel, it’s best to be prepared for such scenarios, both mentally and financially. Travel insurance is therefore advisable to be taken.
Getting one is actually easier than you think. You can explore how you can buy travel insurance online in just 5 minutes.

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